Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snow Bells Ring are you listening'... Sunday morning started relaxed. Right around 10:30 Zain and I were out getting Dunkin' donuts. Chocolate Sprinkles of course. Now i dont know about the rest of the world but Zain agrees with me that glazing on dounuts are just too much, and the dounuts at Dunkin' are never glazed, two thumbs way up! Krispy Creams would come in second in my book unless they are HOT right out the fryer. I wonder who even came up with donuts in the first place, its quite creative. And whats with the hole in the middle!? On the drive over there it was raining, i guess the rain carried over from last night. Although it was raining both Zain and I were in a jolly mood. We came back home after sinking our sinful sweet tooths into chocolate covered tires. We pretty much just sat relaxing watching tv until about 1. Zain has grown to fancy Scrubs so we entertained our selves with that. Around 1ish Zain decided to start his homework. So he scurried off into his room and shunned me. I eventually fell asleep on the couch. It was a very good nap indeed. I woke up by the flash of my own camera, and the barrel of my lens pointed right between my eyes. After waking up and getting fresh again, zain decided that he wanted some chinese food, from the place we always go to, Yen Ching. The place is absoulutely beautiful inside, they have a nice fountain and chinese theme going on. Supposedly its been around for a long time too more than 20 years, which is pretty amazing. The food is always really good too, i love their steamed veggie dumplings. Zain called and ordered the food for pick up and then we headed over to target to get some ink. After getting zains printer ink we headed back to get the food. We came back with the food and ordered a movie on demand. After considering the choices we decided to order Mirrors. I personally didnt find the movie to be all that scary. I would give it maybe a 4 on the movie scale of 1-10. The ending kind of tripped me up, but all scary movies come to corny endings. Something amazing happend during the movie though!!! What a wonderful way to start off march! It started to snow! Snow is so beautiful, its so pure, in texture and color. Like millions of miricales falling from the sky reminding us that life is worth seeing. Me and Zain are both hopping there is no school tomorrow, but we will see. Its been snowing for a good 3 hours now, and thats really exciting. We knew it was going to snow today, but nothing like the results we see now. its amazing! My car looks so yummy like that. It almost looks like someone came along with the sugar they put on funnel cakes and nicely sprinkeled it all over my car. It is so amazing. I even like how the pale lines of the parking spot are pearing through the snow. I especially liked how my head lights looked. I like the snow, its so soft so beautiful. HAHA i love it!!

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