L'art de Ami

I'm not to sure i have enough words today to counter all the pictures i have to post today. Morning wasn't bad, i had an exam in economics though. I don't think it went too too bad. I did really good on my Art History exam that i was freaking out about, i guess the studding paid off. I got an 88 woo-hoo!! I think that's especially good for having missed a whole 3 hour lecture, half of the information on the exam. Other than that morning was pretty productive, i got ready and i was feeling good too. I like mornings that start with a positive attitude, it gives the day a hint of promise. I'm actually excited about today, Zain is getting off early so we are going on a date. I hope we also retrieve my car from his house. Maybe today ill be able to spend all my gift cards i have accumulated from my 21st bday!!

Topic of the Day:
Art, what is your favorite medium!?
My favorite medium to work with would have to be watercolors. I like how they blend and how free flowing they
are. You can almost create any type of shade depending on how much water you add to the piece. I love how you can even add whatever texture by dabbing the texture onto the color. I also enjoy acrylics, but i don't think i have the whole shading thing figured out yet. Might you say I'm scared of one side of my picture getting to dark. I remember my art teacher coming along and adding darkness to every corner of my piece and saying "like this Ami like this..." Gee I'm sorry you hate my untoned art but it is my comfort zone. We actually learned a lot about designo, and tripticts, and frescos in art class. The art history professor says we can blame the renissance for having this mis conception of what good art is, and i cant agree more. The classics with their perfect bodies, and flawless chisiled faces. Their exceptional uses of shading, i mean you cant top Micheal Angelo, Leonardo, and Raphale. But that just one genre of art right? yeah of course, now there are so many crazy art styles. Modern, to abstract, to classical, to anime. Amazing! I want to make another trip to the Virgina Center of Fine Arts, but i never know when they are open, and i hear its FREE. Free is always good in my book lol. I really need to step up on my art work though. I really with i could get more insirations to be more imaginative. Maybe a change in enviroment...

I was actually thinking about that yesterday. I believe the reason why i am so down all the time is because i really want to have someone close to me other than Zain to hang out with. I mean i dont mind hanging out with Zain all the time, but i understand he has work and other things i don't want to get in the way of. I think thats why i have been trying so hard to convince people to transfer and live with me. I really wish my sister would come here, i think i would do much better in school and be WAY more active. Or even if Neelum came that would be a really big change in a beneficial way for me too. Although i still think Neelum is bull shitting me about transferring. Oh well whateve. Im really starting to get a head ache, i think i am hungry well i am posting the pics and then im off!

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