(project)^2 x (6tests) = 2weeks of FML

ummm yeah... pretty self explanatory, can anyone tell me why my last exam is on the 15th!? wtf.. i guess ill be in Richmond longer than i expected, oh well, i tend to stay in better routine here anyways!

Christmas Shopping, Black Friday... i hate shopping, I need to figure out how to use my camcord thing as a webcam so i can start skyping my life away :)

I talked to prune via skype on friday that was so much fun!! it really was like old times just the four of us chillen, i really really enjoyed it! We came up with a secret santa thing for this year, it should be fun and i got ____________! We all have to come up with a list of 5 things we want in the price range of $50-$70 bucks. I dont really know any big ticket items that i want, but i have a lot of small things, like manga and such, lmao i am such a dork oh well :)

Despite me having a bad week im going to make the best of it by working out like i am suppose to so i feel productive, and actually doing my work in a time sensitive manner so i dont get too stressed out. I have a presentation tomorrow and a final on Wednesday. I hate it when people say "aww schools not that bad" maybe to you its not, but i hate school, soooo F U.

I had a really weird dream last night about my ex and his girlfriend, shame i wish i could supress such things after such a long time. Oh well i guess some feelings just never fade who knows, it was random and totally uncalled for, damn you brain! Other than that though, im well rested and ready to start my god forsaken week with a big bang. I was lazy all weekend, and now its back to the chopping board. Ninja style "DO YOU LIKE STARS!?"


Thanksgiving Break

... what are you really giving me break?? A pointless work out routine that i was working my butt off at down the drain, oh thank you how thought full of you!

hmm well i didn't do too bad, i stayed eating healthy for the most part, i didn't work out at all thought, i suppose its fine though, it was only for 3 days i remained idle. My break over all was pretty good. I ate thanksgiving turkey and it was yum. I had pani poori, and Mexican Bhel that mom mad, i got to stay up all night and go out shopping 4 in the morning with my sister and George. I got to see Avni after a long ass time and enjoyed some good wine at olive gardens, and i even got to skype with Prune. The pros over weigh the cons by milestones so im not fretting.

My phone keeps on getting nasty greesy.. i need to find a solution to this asap... ew



I thought you understood English...
anyways, my annoyance level with life has been running on over drive lately but that's okay. My back is hurting today from all this f*ing working out, but the working out is working, i lost 2lbs lmao which isn't too bad. I have a memo on my phone tracking my work out and how many calories my treadmill says Ive burned. I think ive finally formed a habit, i dont think i could go back to a life with out working out.

Im really excited about getting away from richmond and coming home, i really wanna see everyone and laugh and joke and forget all my problemos, its gonna be a challenge keeping this diet up when i go though i know it! Im up for the challenge though ive been pretty honest thus far. YUMMM i have a tiramisu craving lmao... jog for an extra hour.

eww i hate my picture on my student ID, i swear i dont understand why people take retardo pictures of me and then post them so im reminded of how god aweful i look 24/7... seriously, maybe thats why i like taking pictures of my self because i can look how i wanna look...

Im going to a Christmas Party on the 4th with Ravi, should be interesting. I guess im making up for never going to the ones when i was working at Hechts, i hope people dont think im his gf, or he doesnt awekwardly introduce me to people, i dont like that. Lol Zain said that he should make it really awekward for him when he comes to pick me up lmao. Haaa, i love you shaikhum your such a goof :)

Well im over and out about to start my VACA :)


I bet your even more scared of me now!?

I got to go shooting with Zain and some of our friends the other day and it was so much fun!! :)

Ryan, Zains former co worker, and Sarah his awesome gf invited us over since Ryan lives out in the middle of no where and we can shoot into the woods at our own risks. His house was really really nice and honestly i wouldt mind at all living in a location like that with nothing else around, completely isolated. OMG they had the cutest animals!! They had horses and cats, and a puppy and a bird, it reminded me of my house minus the cats and horses + the snake.

I got to shoot Sarahs riffle, it was kinda hard for me to get comfortable, and i missed everytime by a little but im sure practice will make me better. Sarah was killen it, she hit everything i was like WHOA!! super woman!!

Lol, it took us like an hour to order pizza that day, none of us had cash, and so we asked the pizza people if we could split the check onto 3 bank cards, lmao...

I also got to meet Zains other friend Jimmy! :)



A search for Truth

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

So usually I blog about how stressful my life is and shit, and today is no different but I have been making lots of progress with myself. Somehow today I thought to myself that I’m so selfish that I would run away from everyone I knew and start my life all over again. I feel like I am constantly pushed and pulled by so many different forces that it drives me crazy. My parents god bless their souls, are the best parents I could ever ask for but at the same time their expectations are set at a bar that I am uninterested in achieving. I just want to know the truth about life, seek something more than this mundane life that I know isn’t the answers to all my complications. I want to see the world; I want to endure the hardships, with no money, no water, and no food. I want to travel city to city learn different cultures, learn different languages, I want to document these things, and send post cards to people who think I’m nuts. Right now, I’m in need of constant change to keep a smile on my face, I’m tired of this mundane life.

I’ve started jogging almost every day. I figure maybe if I can get my body in really good shape, I can land a good job somewhere good. It’s so sad that the world has come down to being so cosmetic. It’s all about how you look, how much you take care of yourself, how big your tits are, how white your teeth are… Don’t get left behind. I want to be a success but not in the things that others want for me, I just want to be happy with no obligations. I want to be able to walk out and not be asked about, I want a carefree sort of life. A life that wouldn’t burden anyone… I would hate to say it, but America is not the place for a girl like me. I would rather live an uncomplicated life out by the beach, and surf my days away. I would rather live as a herder walking my sheep across the terrain; collecting my thoughts, writing down my memories, and documenting my days and nights. I really want to run away from it all. I want to learn the true meaning of life, of sorrow, of love, and pain. Thank you life for officially corrupting my sanity.



Hello Fellow Bloggers!

There are these really GORGEOUS trees right outside of my apartment doors views. Whenever I see them I can’t help but to smile… DAMN MOTHER NATURE YOU PRETTY… lmao jk

I think red is officially my favorite color. I don’t think there is any other color that catches my eye like the color red, it does something to me, exciting… I don’t know it’s pretty exhilarating. It’s the color of blood, it’s the color of lust, it’s the color of fire, how could red not be my favorite color, it holds so much mystery. You can see red from miles away; it goes well with almost every color. Hmmm thank you god for blessing us with the ability to see the spectrum


lifestyle change

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
I know that my blogs been lagging and I really apologize for that. I’ve been in constant battle with myself, and instead of being a lazy ass on the computer or watching tv all day, or studying my life away I have begun concentrating on making myself the best I can be physically and health wise. I’m on a strict all organic diet along with a busy exercise plan that consists of jogging everyday for an hour with a mix of p90x. I haven’t set any goals at all for myself. I haven’t weighed myself at all. I didn’t take any measurements; I am literally blindly putting in all the effort that I can and hoping for the best. It’s easier this way. I try and avoid mirrors for the time being and think only positive, I think I am on a road to success. IF I can get the body that I always imagined myself to have, and my inside reflects on my outside, I will be convinced that I really am capable of anything I put my mind and effort to. So in a sense my whole purpose of this is not only so I can live to be old as shit and healthy but to also do myself a favor and knock one of my biggest insecurities into its grave forever. This is a lifestyle change for me not a short term get as small as I can in the shortest amount of time gig. Im pretty content and I know that I will reach the fitness level that I desire. No one come and rain on my parade or ill kick your ass for sure this time :)


mom & dad in NC


Pittsburgh Continues

Phillps Plantarium


I never did post my Pittsburgh pictures!?


I'm obviously a slacker seeing as how I'm at the school computer lab blogging my life away as i watch others do homework, project and send out important mail. So this week has been really sucky:
  1. its been raining for the past two days, and I'm not talking about a little bit of rain
  2. the wooden plank thing that serves as the side walk that doesn't exist to my apartment is like a free floating piece of wood... I'm waiting for my ass to slip and fall because the rain filled underneath it shifts from the weight of my fat ass
  3. Registering for my classes totally FAILED - apparently i still haven't declared my major... but I'm a senior WTF!?
  4. I was seriously so nervous taking my accounting test that i almost had a heart attack no joke
  5. I have this crucially long and exhausting project to do for the stupidest class ever - STATS fml
  6. I haven't been able to work out because I'm stressed out about school
  7. My white hair is growing faster than my black hair WTF!?
  8. I have a project in my O.B class thats really giving me a head ache... group work FML
  9. I have an Econ 303 test Wednesday
  10. O.B. Test Thursday... no comment
  11. FINALS...
  12. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THAT MESSED UP MY WEEK - i thought twilight/ New moon or whatever was coming out this Wednesday and it DIDNT... its coming out on the 20th... totally ruined my week
On the brighter side of life I'm in one piece, and i think i did better on this accounting test than any of the previous ones. I really need to start putting my notes together earlier for these types of things, oh did i tell you i was literally .2 points from a C in the acct class I'm currently re-taking... fml I'm going through hell for getting a 79.8 FML...

So i know yall already know that i hate school, but the more bull shit that the university throws at me the more it inconveniences my life... anyways ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE!! I am going home this weekend to shop with Dee and pretend its my first time over at her apartment with mom and dad, oh how i love pretending... lol ill probably end up telling them that Ive already went, i don't like lying anyways, plus im not good at it, not anymore.

At least my grades seem to be raising and not descending, so I'm content, plus i really don't give a shit if i fail stats, F* stats and all the homework and my stat lab and bull shit! :/ WHY??? lol its really not as bad as i make it sound i can pass... barely but i can :)

Oh yeah, Zain bought his first fire arm, we haven't shot it yet but he has bullets for it. Its locked (not its not there is no safety on it...) and loaded, so knock before you come in... you might get shot... lol lol lol mahahha, just kidding... If someone broke in i would probably forget that there is even a gun in his house, so whatever lol. I do think i have some good aim though!


NC Day 2

barbecue time

Flee market
Dee and George looking for cases for their phones