I thought you understood English...
anyways, my annoyance level with life has been running on over drive lately but that's okay. My back is hurting today from all this f*ing working out, but the working out is working, i lost 2lbs lmao which isn't too bad. I have a memo on my phone tracking my work out and how many calories my treadmill says Ive burned. I think ive finally formed a habit, i dont think i could go back to a life with out working out.

Im really excited about getting away from richmond and coming home, i really wanna see everyone and laugh and joke and forget all my problemos, its gonna be a challenge keeping this diet up when i go though i know it! Im up for the challenge though ive been pretty honest thus far. YUMMM i have a tiramisu craving lmao... jog for an extra hour.

eww i hate my picture on my student ID, i swear i dont understand why people take retardo pictures of me and then post them so im reminded of how god aweful i look 24/7... seriously, maybe thats why i like taking pictures of my self because i can look how i wanna look...

Im going to a Christmas Party on the 4th with Ravi, should be interesting. I guess im making up for never going to the ones when i was working at Hechts, i hope people dont think im his gf, or he doesnt awekwardly introduce me to people, i dont like that. Lol Zain said that he should make it really awekward for him when he comes to pick me up lmao. Haaa, i love you shaikhum your such a goof :)

Well im over and out about to start my VACA :)

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