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Hello Fellow Bloggers!
I know that my blogs been lagging and I really apologize for that. I’ve been in constant battle with myself, and instead of being a lazy ass on the computer or watching tv all day, or studying my life away I have begun concentrating on making myself the best I can be physically and health wise. I’m on a strict all organic diet along with a busy exercise plan that consists of jogging everyday for an hour with a mix of p90x. I haven’t set any goals at all for myself. I haven’t weighed myself at all. I didn’t take any measurements; I am literally blindly putting in all the effort that I can and hoping for the best. It’s easier this way. I try and avoid mirrors for the time being and think only positive, I think I am on a road to success. IF I can get the body that I always imagined myself to have, and my inside reflects on my outside, I will be convinced that I really am capable of anything I put my mind and effort to. So in a sense my whole purpose of this is not only so I can live to be old as shit and healthy but to also do myself a favor and knock one of my biggest insecurities into its grave forever. This is a lifestyle change for me not a short term get as small as I can in the shortest amount of time gig. Im pretty content and I know that I will reach the fitness level that I desire. No one come and rain on my parade or ill kick your ass for sure this time :)

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