A search for Truth

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

So usually I blog about how stressful my life is and shit, and today is no different but I have been making lots of progress with myself. Somehow today I thought to myself that I’m so selfish that I would run away from everyone I knew and start my life all over again. I feel like I am constantly pushed and pulled by so many different forces that it drives me crazy. My parents god bless their souls, are the best parents I could ever ask for but at the same time their expectations are set at a bar that I am uninterested in achieving. I just want to know the truth about life, seek something more than this mundane life that I know isn’t the answers to all my complications. I want to see the world; I want to endure the hardships, with no money, no water, and no food. I want to travel city to city learn different cultures, learn different languages, I want to document these things, and send post cards to people who think I’m nuts. Right now, I’m in need of constant change to keep a smile on my face, I’m tired of this mundane life.

I’ve started jogging almost every day. I figure maybe if I can get my body in really good shape, I can land a good job somewhere good. It’s so sad that the world has come down to being so cosmetic. It’s all about how you look, how much you take care of yourself, how big your tits are, how white your teeth are… Don’t get left behind. I want to be a success but not in the things that others want for me, I just want to be happy with no obligations. I want to be able to walk out and not be asked about, I want a carefree sort of life. A life that wouldn’t burden anyone… I would hate to say it, but America is not the place for a girl like me. I would rather live an uncomplicated life out by the beach, and surf my days away. I would rather live as a herder walking my sheep across the terrain; collecting my thoughts, writing down my memories, and documenting my days and nights. I really want to run away from it all. I want to learn the true meaning of life, of sorrow, of love, and pain. Thank you life for officially corrupting my sanity.

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