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Gosh.. I really am slacking on this thing, I think its funny how the numbers on the side are decreasing ALARMINGLY as the months creep on by. I really need to get with it huh??

So I'm going to NC this weekend and i am totally excited to go see my sister and her new apartment (and George and KuJo too of course)! Zain kindly took off of work so that we could go this weekend and that made me really happy. Talking about slacking, Ive been totally slacking with the picture taking, actually i have been taking lots of videos but my computer is so gay that i have yet to load them on to the Internet... so... yeah that really sucks. I haven't been using my camera to its potential though.. slacking in that department just as much as i am skimping on this blogging thing. Since i am going out of town this weekend i am going to try my best to document this one so i can get some what back on track. I know like half the world only looks at pictures and never read a thing so i mean i guess its vital to put more pictures up then write blah blah blah to get people to like my blog huh?? I am sooooo glad i dont have school tomorrow which reminds me i need to let Zain know that i have a open schedule. PRE-eeeeee

Yesterday Zain and I went to Ikea to buy Zains bed, and boy o boy we did really good on time :)
We pretty much left around 1 and got back at 5, which is pretty good considering its about an hour and a half drive. He ended up getting the MALM in blacking brown. I really like it!
For anyone who ever purchases a bed from IKEA, ummm they don't tell you that you need wooden planks for your bed and you don't really realize that you need them till you open the boxes and don't see any. So, they do sell them separately for like 30 dollars, but why the hell would anyone do that when they sell wood at Lowe's for $1.40 each 3/4inch thick and you can get the length cut to custom fit?? soo we got wooden support beams for Zains bed from Lowe's for $10. It was definitely a steal. I gotta add though that the bed itself is super sturdy. You would think for a $170 frame the wood would be really light and flimsy but its really rock solid, and not at all a wobble. I slept really great last night so its definitely a pass in my book! Oh but my bed is so much easier to assemble, Zains bed was a little technical to make.

Lets see what else can i boast about!? hmmmm Other than me having the worst Diwali and New Years beginning ever, i don't really have much else to say, school sucks, i got sick, i didn't do anything for Halloween, my phone broke a week after owning it, I did half my project and then the teacher didn't accept it because she said it was late... ummm I'm broke, I don't have a credit card to fill up on gas, I have no food at my humble abode, its only the beginning of the month and I'm already broke, hows yours been!? lmao, its really not that bad :) I'm optimistic

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