I'm obviously a slacker seeing as how I'm at the school computer lab blogging my life away as i watch others do homework, project and send out important mail. So this week has been really sucky:
  1. its been raining for the past two days, and I'm not talking about a little bit of rain
  2. the wooden plank thing that serves as the side walk that doesn't exist to my apartment is like a free floating piece of wood... I'm waiting for my ass to slip and fall because the rain filled underneath it shifts from the weight of my fat ass
  3. Registering for my classes totally FAILED - apparently i still haven't declared my major... but I'm a senior WTF!?
  4. I was seriously so nervous taking my accounting test that i almost had a heart attack no joke
  5. I have this crucially long and exhausting project to do for the stupidest class ever - STATS fml
  6. I haven't been able to work out because I'm stressed out about school
  7. My white hair is growing faster than my black hair WTF!?
  8. I have a project in my O.B class thats really giving me a head ache... group work FML
  9. I have an Econ 303 test Wednesday
  10. O.B. Test Thursday... no comment
  11. FINALS...
  12. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THAT MESSED UP MY WEEK - i thought twilight/ New moon or whatever was coming out this Wednesday and it DIDNT... its coming out on the 20th... totally ruined my week
On the brighter side of life I'm in one piece, and i think i did better on this accounting test than any of the previous ones. I really need to start putting my notes together earlier for these types of things, oh did i tell you i was literally .2 points from a C in the acct class I'm currently re-taking... fml I'm going through hell for getting a 79.8 FML...

So i know yall already know that i hate school, but the more bull shit that the university throws at me the more it inconveniences my life... anyways ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE!! I am going home this weekend to shop with Dee and pretend its my first time over at her apartment with mom and dad, oh how i love pretending... lol ill probably end up telling them that Ive already went, i don't like lying anyways, plus im not good at it, not anymore.

At least my grades seem to be raising and not descending, so I'm content, plus i really don't give a shit if i fail stats, F* stats and all the homework and my stat lab and bull shit! :/ WHY??? lol its really not as bad as i make it sound i can pass... barely but i can :)

Oh yeah, Zain bought his first fire arm, we haven't shot it yet but he has bullets for it. Its locked (not its not there is no safety on it...) and loaded, so knock before you come in... you might get shot... lol lol lol mahahha, just kidding... If someone broke in i would probably forget that there is even a gun in his house, so whatever lol. I do think i have some good aim though!

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