(project)^2 x (6tests) = 2weeks of FML

ummm yeah... pretty self explanatory, can anyone tell me why my last exam is on the 15th!? wtf.. i guess ill be in Richmond longer than i expected, oh well, i tend to stay in better routine here anyways!

Christmas Shopping, Black Friday... i hate shopping, I need to figure out how to use my camcord thing as a webcam so i can start skyping my life away :)

I talked to prune via skype on friday that was so much fun!! it really was like old times just the four of us chillen, i really really enjoyed it! We came up with a secret santa thing for this year, it should be fun and i got ____________! We all have to come up with a list of 5 things we want in the price range of $50-$70 bucks. I dont really know any big ticket items that i want, but i have a lot of small things, like manga and such, lmao i am such a dork oh well :)

Despite me having a bad week im going to make the best of it by working out like i am suppose to so i feel productive, and actually doing my work in a time sensitive manner so i dont get too stressed out. I have a presentation tomorrow and a final on Wednesday. I hate it when people say "aww schools not that bad" maybe to you its not, but i hate school, soooo F U.

I had a really weird dream last night about my ex and his girlfriend, shame i wish i could supress such things after such a long time. Oh well i guess some feelings just never fade who knows, it was random and totally uncalled for, damn you brain! Other than that though, im well rested and ready to start my god forsaken week with a big bang. I was lazy all weekend, and now its back to the chopping board. Ninja style "DO YOU LIKE STARS!?"

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