So Someone deff just made my day by voting Raj as the babies name lol, who ever you are thanks :) yay

So anyways, im sitting here in the Business building chillen waiting for my next class at 2 o'clock. I have a presentation i have to give today in that class as well as a final exam tomorrow, and then a test in accounting and a 1000pt (no that is not suppose to be 100) project due Thursday, and then ill be able to breath easy. Im probably not as stressed out as i should be but its okay. I recently been having a lot of unusual things occurring to me, like people from my past coming up to say hello, and then others freaking out on me because i was too sarcastic about something i didnt care about. Or people calling me playing games like guess who i am? Im honestly a little to old to be playing guessing games so, i would really appreciate if children stayed to calling other children. This whole ohhh we wanna fuck with Ami's mind thing all week, is really not helping my ADD during a crucial time like this when i should be studding. My phone is about to die, and that sucks but whatever, Ive been eating out all week because im too damn stressed out to take out the time to go grocery shopping, or cook. FML, ill be broke before Christmas even starts.
Seriously though I'm pretty cautious to what i say today FML if i slip up and say something sarcastic to the wrong person, the stars, and my horoscope tell me that ill regret it, WTF? So im living my day today in constant fear of rubbing others the wrong way. Odd.
Some people in the business building for the business magazine or something interviewed me asking what steps ive taken towards my career goals, i lied and said ive been trying to get internships and hands on experience. Which i guess isnt fully a lie, i did ask my dad if he would help and he just brushed me off, so wishfully i was just expressing my frustration. I didn't lie i was an accounting major, or that i was planning on getting my CPA, so in a way i guess i told the truth, ill probably go to hell but whatever. At least im a good liar.
Surprisingly im really not nervous about this presentation... upppp never mind that was a stomach churn... hmmm Im super frustrated oh well. I was reminded that you cant rely on people, go figure something that i lived my life by and somehow i forgot, thank you for reminding me though, im so much better this way.

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