off roading pisses me off

Some girl ran me off the road
So i sped up next to her
She stared at me
That pissed me off
I gave her my longest finger
She switched lanes too close behind my coupe
I stomped on my breaks
I watched in my rear view mirror
As she mouthed the words
"oh no she didn't"
Well next time don't get in my lane BITCH

I guess i am an aggressive driver, but then again seriously she shouldn't have cut me off and ran me off the road, she made eye contact with me before she did it too, like WTF?

Anyways, I'm totally done with the rough part of my week and for that i am thankful. I had the best fucking brownie Ive ever had in my life from Starbucks. It was some mint brownie thing and boy lemme tell you it was on point! That picture right there is like all the components to my project all together it was like 15 to 20 pages long!! Im so glad i did it and its done... hmmm i was struggling to get it done, but with some help and team work (thank you Thibult!!) i am all done!! :) a job well done indeed.

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