yeah so i went, and!? It wasn't actually that bad, mom had a women sumayo thing so me and dee went to go help her with the audio video stuff, and the recording pictures, and taking videos stuff. Thank god it wasnt that long! There where like no people there, i felt kinda bad. Other than that i got to see Pooja after a long ass time, she seemed to be doing well, her hair was browner that i remembered it, and she was rocking the make up, i was pretty impressed!! LMAO, her mom said that i actually looked like i had a neck... (or that i was loosing weight) lol i didnt really know how to take that remark so i just smiled and nodded.

Can you believe i even helped mom read some of the stuff that needed to be presented since neelam didnt show up!? yeah i cant either, what is the world coming to?? lol i guess i wanted to be on my best behavior after all it was the womans Bday!!

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