Blazzin Challenge

The other day me and Zain decided to go BWW (again). It was yummy like always and our waitress was really really nice. It was Zains last day of class so in a way we went to go celebrate. We went early so no one was in there and we even got to choose where we wanted to sit, AWESOME! Since it was boneless Thursday and each boneless wing was only 60 cents, we got 30... lol. We always get the hot BBQ, honey BBQ, and this time we tried the Teryaki and BLAZZIN hell yeah. And dude, those shits are on FIRE! They have a warning sign on them for gods sake wtf!? I ate the first one and was like hmm this isnt too bad, and then i took a bigger bite and I immediately had a back lash of that time when i was at Avni and Pruthvis house and they dared me to eat one of the hot peppers from their back yard. My mouth literally was smoldering, SOME ONE GET ME MILK! my eyes where watering, my noes was running, i was drooling, lmao!! Seriously though i could only eat two, so the blazzin challenge!? ummm maybe if i oragelled my mouth and then ate it would work, i would look super sloppy salivating and not even knowing it but at least i would get free wings, and have my picture taken lol!! after we ate Zain pleasantly surprised me and ask me if i wanted to go for a walk and i was glad, because if we sat in the car and then sat in his class my tummy wouldn't have been a happy camper. So we walked a little, and went to this play N trade store and their video game where super cheap. They had bunches and bunches of Sega Genesis games and i was like WAAAA!!! lol They did not have TOMBA though... sigh I'm never going to get my hands on that game. After our little walk i decided that i would go with zain to his class, so off to vcu we went. By the time we got there i had to race like a horse. LMAO

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  1. Hahah, sounds like you had a fun night out. Yay to Zain for being done.