Alright so here is my exam Schedule:
Monday - Calculus
Tuesday - Art History
Wednesday - Non that i can recall
Thursday - Non that i can recall
Friday - Accounting, Econ



Judgment Day

Blogging Extravaganza

Im totally pleased with my self and keeping up with this blog business. Taking pictures as often as i can, working out when i can find the time to fit it in, staying blissfully honest with myself. I already see the brighter side of life. Thanks God for giving me that little spec of optimism that now i know i have to water on my own in order to grow. Life would be so colorless had i never woken up. Thanks life for helping grow. Thanks family for giving me the opportunity to have an education and to become self achieved person. Thanks Friends for having my back, keeping me motivated to be a better self. Thanks nature for the wonderful weather. Thanks lover for opening my eyes to a totally new spectrum of colors. Thanks Earth for giving me inspiration, and creativity. Thanks technology for keeping me guessing, keeping me on my toes. Thanks science for fucking me over and changing my life goals to numbers and math. Thanks Universe for letting me be a part of this all.


I always had a hard time getting over people i loved, i adored, people i used to have hopes in, people i once trusted. Through it all i wonder if they still hold on to a part of me like i still hang on to them. Sometimes its hard to get over things, especially when they are reoccurring. I relate everything in my life to songs i hear, so every time i hear a particular song i cant help but vividly remember those that broke my heart. Pain makes people stronger, or it just makes them crazy. I don't know why i am writing about this today. I never really had anyone to talk to about my relationships, in particular all the emotions i once endured. I am happy now, content, everything from the past just seems like a pigment of a black and white dream, distant, yet so distinct. At least i think i remember those memories to par, I'm probably totally off. I wonder why we tend to hang on to bad memories rather than the good ones. Why do the good ones get altered and the bad ones still make us feel the same emotions from past days. Why don't the happy memories bring tears to our eyes, yet the sad ones bring sorrow to our hearts? Zain was the first man that granted me the motions of love. Never had i gotten heavy in the lungs, never had singing a love song made me cry tears of joy. Never did i look into someones eyes and feel completely and blissfully feel blessed. I am lucky to have a wonderful person in my life. People never understand their worth to me. My friends, My family, they should know how privileged i feel to share my everyday life with them. My Ups my Downs, My aspirations, My goals, My motivations comes solely from THEM. I have a lot of love to give, and people who lost me, i feel kind of sorry for them. I know I'm a REALLY good and sincere friend. I'm seriously the type of person who would drop everything to be there for someone i love. I don't see how people wouldn't want that kind of friend, but i guess people make their own choices.

Hindi Final



eidetics for the future...

eidetic • \eye-DET-ik\ • adjective
: marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images

Making memories with Mina-Lo, beautiful day outside, thanks for taking me!!





what the internet states i should be doing...



Go for a walk

Have some lunch

Tidy up!

Read a book

Play a board game

Go out somewhere with mates

Watching film/video/tv


Who Is That!?

I see you! haha it was me all along... la la la la la!! :)



I know who stayed at the double tree last night...pretty random right!?
its been raining all day... i had a pretty good weekend, and i started the week on the right foot by actually getting to my 8 o'clock.

i learned something (i think) is cool, i never knew what p.s. stood for but our accounting teacher told us it stands for PERSONAL SECRET

So yeah my P.S.:
I'm tired of people scrapping the surface.



yo, so i totally made this today!Ive been feeling super colorful lately...
which do you like better?



RainBow Bright

whats that outside?
Peace to all
I see that...
I see you dee...
how can i make this more interesting?
I see you!



And my dad...

-No Photo available -

I miss my mom :)

my beautiful mom getting ready for her Sunday debut.
long walks and fresh air
there goes our Double-Decker hair ball
This is our side of town

mom we found the Easter bunny
I miss home



Today, I found out that i had a pussy all along...