I miss...

I miss my house
I miss my room
most of all i miss high school

not because of the people
not because of the school
only because i could sit around and do NOTHING and still be cool

No worries
No stress
Back then i couldn't have cared less

Chillen with friends
skipping out
giving my parents all the doubt

Immature people
that still linger on today
didn't say a word to you in high school, but now saying hey

So tierd of college
having to settle in
seems all odds are against me i cannot just win

I cant find a job
cant figure out what i wanna be
everything is all up to me

The stress that i face
the hard ships i embrace
are far too much for me to handle alone.


  1. i got your back homie

  2. Don't give up, life will turn up soon enough so hang in there!