Blogging Extravaganza

Im totally pleased with my self and keeping up with this blog business. Taking pictures as often as i can, working out when i can find the time to fit it in, staying blissfully honest with myself. I already see the brighter side of life. Thanks God for giving me that little spec of optimism that now i know i have to water on my own in order to grow. Life would be so colorless had i never woken up. Thanks life for helping grow. Thanks family for giving me the opportunity to have an education and to become self achieved person. Thanks Friends for having my back, keeping me motivated to be a better self. Thanks nature for the wonderful weather. Thanks lover for opening my eyes to a totally new spectrum of colors. Thanks Earth for giving me inspiration, and creativity. Thanks technology for keeping me guessing, keeping me on my toes. Thanks science for fucking me over and changing my life goals to numbers and math. Thanks Universe for letting me be a part of this all.


  1. are you gunna do a 90 day flip book?
    what is that p90x binder?
    dude you should do 8x11 pictures of ourself

  2. lol as the days progress?? yeah maybe i should :) ill start Monday!! Oh and the binder just has my print outs, my logs, and work out schedule and eating schedule, pretty well thought out plan i put together to keep me on the right page everyday lol, im a loser but hey i think its working for me

  3. That was totally inspirational to me! I just realized what a small part my life really plays in the grand scheme of things. I love you! Keep looking up at the sky, cause you never know when you might spot a shooting star to make a wish upon!

    Ps. What's that wine?? Was it any good?