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3 years!!

OMG, i am so happy, our trip was amazing!! We went to the light house hotel in OC, MD. After getting to the room WE HAD TO book for another night so we definitely payed for one more night. Our trip was really really amazing, i have more pictures but Zain has the other camera, these are all pictures taken with my Rebel. :) Glad to be home, glad to have been blessed with someone who loves me this much!!


Potentially Fatal

Attempting to make this more informational from now on i shall start putting up helpful beauty tips since that IS a huge part of my life, taking care of myself and putting on make up and changing my hair every month or two.

For those of your who still don't know i did Bleach my hair not to long ago, a day ago to be exact. I used Nice & Easy Born Blond Maxi (its the most extreme on and the only one for BLACK/darker hair). Before i bleached it though i did use a blond hair dye from Garnier, and obviously that did NOT work on dark hair. Actually it worked really well on my roots, and left me with a shaded light to dark effect (dark in the middle light on the roots and ends). Anyways, i pretty much followed the bleaching instructions to par and bleached it all over. This procedure if you ever wish to do this to your precious hair will need A LOT of maintenance and after care, so if you don't have that hour in your day to REALLY condition your hair for ultimate hydration DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR HAIR, for it will get dry and FALL OUT! The condition of my hair now is brittle and dry, and i am already leaving conditioners in it. Usually or i should say the plan is every 3 days to put in a regular hydration conditioner in my hair for the span that i am working out, and then wash it out no shampoo. When your hair is super dry its best not to wash it everyday with shampoo, because shampoo usually washes out not only the build up of all that junk you spray on your hair but also the natural oils that give your hair that natural luster and softness. As far as shampoos and conditioners go, your gonna have to keep trying new ones until you find on that really suits you. I find that most low end shampoos though, such as Garnier, Suave, head and shoulders, etc, make my hair fall out, so i stick to more of the Aussie, Big Sexy Hair, Nexus, Treseme, middle price range shampoos. But that's just my hair, maybe your hair is super healthy and totally okay with Suave! Oh and if you are going to dye your hair MUCH lighter than your natural then please don't forget to dye your eyebrows. NEVER EVER use the bleach that you used for your hair on your skin or eyebrows!! ITS TO STRONG AND YOU MIGHT GO BLIND SERIOUSLY! Instead just go get a normal face bleach, i use Jolen, which you can get EVERYWHERE they sell beauty supplies. So just mix your face bleach like they say and apply directly to your eye brows, check every 5 min until its the color your want them. Make sure you don't make you bleach mixture too strong though, because the bleach will and could burn your skin, leaving you with an uneven skin complexion. If you accidentally make them to light, i would say wait it out, your eye brows will grow out on a week or two and then you can trim the bleached part and re try if you want, i would NOT recommend getting a darker hair dye and dying them, again it is too strong to apply to your face.
So yeah those are my tips to you if you do choose to go for lighter hair because you are absolutely bored with the hair you have now :)


photo shoot

i was home alone today and i got really bored so i started taking LOTS of picture... OF MY SELF :)
Oh and by the way, if you are going to ever color your hair, please dont be like Amy Whinehouse, DYE YOUR EYEBROWS TOO!