Day 2

Today was probably one of the toughest days of my life!
We had to wake up at 7am, and get on out on our bikes (for the first time ever for me!) Initially i was really skeptical. The first thing that they made us do was push the bikes in neutral around the whole parking lot. THAT WAS THE HARDEST THING EVER!!! The bike its self weighed like 500lbs, and tuning it while trying to roll it along was definitely crucial on every inch of my body. After we did that, and i was huffing and puffing it was time to get on and get started. The first thing we had to do was power walk while we controlled our bikes with the clutch in their friction zone. The next part was getting our feet up on the bike, FAIL. LMAO, I was so shaky and nervous, but i eventually started getting my feet up. We did a variety of crazy exercises that i only dreamed i would even dare to do on the first day i even sat on a bike (drivers seat anyways). During day one i did a lot of stupid things, i saved my bike 2/3 times that i almost tobbled over. The third time i wasn't so fortunate and i did wobble over and get my ankle squashed. I was the only one to go down on day one, but i kept my cool got back up (didn't cry) and started riding again. The hardest thing for me was keeping my throttle constant and smooth. Surprisingly i eventually got used to shifting quickly. I WAS COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED after DAY 2. I couldn't even walk, my back shoulders and left arm from pulling the clutch in all day were broken beyond repair. But we weren't done for the day yet! We got out of the driving portion around 12, and had a 2 hour break. At 2 we had to return to the classroom section of the course. The classroom really helped me to focus and analyze more of what i was doing wrong and what i could improve on. I really benefited from having some time off after day 2 to really have everything sink in. Day 2 was soon to start 7am again tomorrow morning. We got lucky that it didn't rain on day 2, but the weather wasn't promising for day 3.

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