Day 3 - Rain

Day 3, 7am, body in pain sore to no boundaries. Half asleep, Zain and I made it to DMV 1 min early. With the time i had i really concentrated what i needed to do, what i learned the day prior, and told my self i needed to stay calm and cool. I totally kicked ass on day 3. I was picking up my speed, shifting and taking nicer turns. I was using counter weight, and leaning, swerving and going over obstacles standing up on my bike. I didn't have ANY close calls on day 3. The hardest thing for me was U-turns, i couldn't make those to save my life, but then i finally got it when it was time to take the test. I was really proud of my self actually i made a VAST improvement from day 2. I felt a lot more confident and a bit more on edge to take risks too. I ended up getting a 88% on my driving test. I only had a total of 12 points taken off, everyone in my class was really surprised with my improvement and me getting my license. My couches where very proud of me and they told me that they where very surprised too. I was very Happy! I feel so achieved. At the end of day 2 i was literally on the verge of just telling Zain that i gave up and that i would just ride on the back of his bike. I am glad i stuck in there and approached the situation in a positive attitude. Had i let myself get frustrated being the only inexperienced, slow learning, girly girl in the class i know i wouldn't have walked away with my license! I am officially a motorcycle rider, I definitely need LOTS of practice before i even consider getting on the roads, but i feel really good about practicing on my own now. YAY!! to a successful class and to a tiring weekend done and over with... now on to exams!

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  1. Yay, good job on hanging in there =], I see it totally paid off now.