Loosing weight is such a strange thing your body goes through. It takes so much patience. One week your arms look tiny and your back still fat. Then your legs start catching up, then your mid section looks wider than longer, and you start to loose any shape that you even had before. You start loosing things that you wanted to keep and gain things you wanted to loose. It all comes with the package i guess. For now ill just avoid mirrors and cameras. I really hope my face looses weight, high cheek bones, squared off jaw line, prominent butt chin, larger looking eyes. Would be nice if changes occurred over night. I did the legs and back video today, my legs are definitely shaky. Feels good to give it your all though, im glad im sticking it out this week. I am very stressed out though, i have yet to return to my house, ive been free loading at Zains just to get away from my stresses. I need to start boxing and cleaning, i need to cancel my comcast, and tell the people down stairs im moving out. I also need to check on the babies, i hope they are just fine. I am definetly heading downtown tomorrow! I am the only one who can make my stresses go away... I learned that the hard way, but i am evolving day by day, slowly slowly... Ill be a new me i know it!!!

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