I guess its a conviction of my own existence, incising you with my image, my facade,
my ever so keen way of memorizing you, making you want me, my sex appeal
the way god has blessed me with these lips, these mounds, these hips
something that you imagine late at night
hand upon your meat, choking your turkey cold.

These forbidden yet kinky thoughts, tingling down your spine,
all the way to your pinky toes, your whore, your mistress, what am i?
Just a picture to beat off to.
Bull shit that i could care less about.

Hahahah, what am i talking about??
I'm just trying to be cool, yet I'm not so smooth
Just another boring day!

P90xing it, legs and back baby, all day all night, I'm X-ing it, down to 153 lbs, and loving how close i am to 150, BLAH, this means anything is possible!!

Today is Trisha's cook out YAY, some excitement in my life!! FINALLY some quality time to spend with genuine people who really care!! :)
I am really happy today!


  1. =oO. stop being a pornstar

  2. umn if zain NEVER posted this comment i woulda missed the whole nude scene