Day 2

Morning exercise - Core Syn. X and Ab ripper X

Today I ate:
Protein Shake - 130 cal
Lean Cusine - 230 cal
Caffeine pill
Salad - 130 cal (im not really sure)
6inch veggie sub (subway) - 250 cal
cookie - 100 cal
Salad - 130 cal
protein shake - 130 cal

Am i eating enough??

Today was a pretty fun work out day, Carl, Zain and I did all the working out together which was pretty motivational. I kinda wish that i had someone to work out with everyday, but its okay. I am probably going to go for another run today and try and do the core video again before i go to sleep. Extreme? yeah i think i am being a bit crazy, but i really want these results too! Plus, I'm giving up yummy food, so might as well push the limits.

I don't know what to get my mom for mothers day, but i will probably go home to surprise her. Not that would make a difference because its not like she will be spending time with me or my sister since she WILL go to church. Indefinitely that means ill prolly have to go to church just to make her happy. Then its back home Monday to continue on my P90X glory.

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  1. Yay for team work! Working out in a group always seems to make it easier.