are you my future puppy?

This was the ad picture that caught my eye when i was looking for Ferrah. :) Thank you Karen for blessing me for that lil fur ball shes so precious and we love her soo much!!



my husky is starting to look like a husky


Blogger Oh Blogger

I havent Blogged in a LONG time. But i have a good reason. After having my baby and trying my best to potty train her in the past two weeks has taken my 24 hour attention. Training her has really not been that difficult and its only been two weeks. My furball is already going to the door to tell me she has to take a piss. She is such a smart girl and i feel blessed to have her campaignionship. She also knows "come Ferrah", she loves hearing "Good girl" and also "Sit" on comand. i have no doubt that she is going to be an excellent dog. We can already let her off the leash and she follows me around everywhere. She loves her mommy :) and i love my baby!!!

She is growing so quickly, i just want her to stay small and cute. I know that she is going to be such a beauty when she grows up though. Her face markings seems to change daily i can wait to see what color she will end up being. She is going to have her second round of shots soon, probably next monday. She will also be meeting Kujo this weekend.

Abby and I have started working out together. I am actually kind of happy because she is self driven and serious about what she does and puts her mind to. I agree that she is already in extra awesome shape but i cant change her mind set is she isnt satisfied. I think we are set up for sucess though if we can follow through and stay commited.

I went to my advising appointment today and even though i am well over the required gpa they told me i couldnt register for my summer classes till my grades are posted come mid MAY. Which sucks because id like to have class in the afternoons, which i doubt will happen let alone i may not get the classes i need if they are all filled up. I will be REALLY angry then though and I WILL get over rides into the FULL CLASSES... FUCK THEM im the one paying for it.

Ive lostt a total of 5 lbs since weve gotten Ferrah because im constantly up and about running after her. Getting a dog was the best decision i have made in a long time. I cant wait to see where i am in the next year. i REALLY have become more confident in myself and gotten more serious about life since ive gotten ferrah. She has really motivated me to get through the tough and do the right things!! i love her to death!! :)