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Paneer Chilli

Morning showers of February the 28th. Tomorrow will be the first of March, three months already in from New Years. Saturday morning was very relaxed... with camera in hand i snapped the morning away, my guinea pig, Zain. Although he wasn't a good sport i got some cool shots.
Today's Plans are to go fishing, it is also the Anniversary of a lovely couple. Dinner tonight with the two love birds, in the years to come i hope that me and Zain are just as preserved in love as those two.Last night i took pictures of Dragon Ball Z, Zain's bearded dragon. The other day i was watching room raiders on MTV, and the chick thought that the bearded dragon was an iguana... Seriously they look nothing a like. Back to my picture, DBZ looks really tired... much like his owner did last night too
I love the colors, the red hues, even though i guess a pro would say that the colors aren't true, yeah i know that... SO SUCK IT! The camera is simply amazing! Oh the other weekend when i was home i was going through the Daily Press and found some really funny sarcastic comics that i knew Zain was going to LOVE! and he did, he laughed his ass off when he read them, and that simply made me happy...
So i started a new journal, go figure, with all the ones Ive started and never finished... anyways, i made it especially to go with my new camera. Remember how i was telling you about my 3 hours of life spent in barns and nobles!? yeah well this is what i got... Nice huh?? well you bet it is! Actually i really liked it, it has this really cool graphing paper with flower drawings all over the pages, and all the pages are different. I really like the different designs on it as well, very artsy if you asked me! Its pretty much been raining all day, as the day progressed me and Zain decided to go back home. All in all it was a good time, although i didnt get to take a lot of pictures while i was over there. We after all decided not to go fishing due to the weather conditions. Instead we had a nice family dinner at Nawab. It was a fun time, i told the "vomit-up in the microwave" joke to Zain's parents, I
think they liked it, at least they laughed, I was really embarrassed though after telling it. I tured all red and hot, my ears where on fire. I guess making accents around people is me breaking out of some sort of shell...
"like a bullet laced with anger"


Happy Anniversary!!

Today was a wonderful day, although i didnt get to spend it with my lovely. Despite that, i got my combo Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, prolly rest of the year celebration GIFT!! yes yes, i finally got the Rebel Xsi, Bum-ba-Da-DUM... LOVE IT, i actually took some shots>>
TADA!!! I must admit though, it took me forever to get a good shot haha, but i think it was worth the fondling i figured out a lot of cool stuff. I don't find it that hard to use actually as most people claim the Rebel to not be very user friendly. I really cant wait to see friends and snap shots all over the place, and now i even have a place to post all the action! I feel like my camera opens up my eyes to so many new things its so thrill seeking!! I spent three hours of my life at barns and nobles today. I was entertaining myself with Xsi manuals, and different photography books. I couldn't help but ask myself "is it the pictures i am into or the clothing and make up?" I think its all of it, i really want to make really vintage clothing and have my beautiful friends to pose for me, Gaaa X) BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFIC, " work it work it...''

Zain is the best ever!! I still cannot believe the treasure that sits so comfortably in my hands, "my new toy" as the sales clerk called it at Target. Yes indeed, and he best believe I am enjoying!


Blog!? and intro to my pets :)

This is my first official blog, i have tried before to make a successful blog but failed due to lack of motivation, I am currently re- evaluating my life, in hopes to improve myself as a human being. I am in constant struggle with my self, and i just want to be happy. I was actually inspired by MinaLo to start my own blog and try to be committed to it, commitment has always been tough for me so i am testing myself!

To the right is my super active bird Moti, she is a Cockatiel, Ive had her ever since she was a baby. She was super small when we first got her, really ugly little runt, but it was love at first sight, i couldn't have asked for a better bird, she is really animated, she has breakfast with us every morning, and even gets along with the dog, she is always stealing attention and begging for head pets. A super Unique bird she isn't vegetarian, in fact she is often caught eating out of the dogs bowl! No need for a security system, the bird goes off when someone comes home. The tune she sings is the beat my life runs to.

To the left is our precious dog KuJo, we got her about 9 years ago from the SPCA. When we first received her she was a totally snobby independent mutt. She hated being touched, and cuddled. Over the 9 years she has learned obedience, and tons of cool tricks. She has learned how to be patient and calm. She even cuddles and gives tons of kisses! Still feisty and snappy (literally) sometimes, she has become the center of attention in our family. She has added so much joy to our lives, everyone always remembers her... and I will never forget her <3>

Here we see my beta fish. I really wanted a pet fish to add to my apartment back about a year ago. I wanted it to be special, so i sent Zain, my boyfriend out to pick one and surprise me. Honestly, he picked a really strong immortal fish, he is REALLY low maintenance, i really don't take care of him the way i should, i mean the water is cleaned when it gets dirty and he has ample room, but he gets fed maybe once every week, and the water has been changed like 4 times in the last year :)... he is still strong and going, although he isn't the prettiest beta, i wouldn't trade him for the world!