Happy Anniversary!!

Today was a wonderful day, although i didnt get to spend it with my lovely. Despite that, i got my combo Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, prolly rest of the year celebration GIFT!! yes yes, i finally got the Rebel Xsi, Bum-ba-Da-DUM... LOVE IT, i actually took some shots>>
TADA!!! I must admit though, it took me forever to get a good shot haha, but i think it was worth the fondling i figured out a lot of cool stuff. I don't find it that hard to use actually as most people claim the Rebel to not be very user friendly. I really cant wait to see friends and snap shots all over the place, and now i even have a place to post all the action! I feel like my camera opens up my eyes to so many new things its so thrill seeking!! I spent three hours of my life at barns and nobles today. I was entertaining myself with Xsi manuals, and different photography books. I couldn't help but ask myself "is it the pictures i am into or the clothing and make up?" I think its all of it, i really want to make really vintage clothing and have my beautiful friends to pose for me, Gaaa X) BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFIC, " work it work it...''

Zain is the best ever!! I still cannot believe the treasure that sits so comfortably in my hands, "my new toy" as the sales clerk called it at Target. Yes indeed, and he best believe I am enjoying!

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