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Merry Christmas!!


holiday lights




story of my life since schools been out

Men of the Zodiac

I cant say that ive known guys from every single zodiac sign but i think its interesting when i think about the guys that i know and how the guys in the same sign are similar, for instance:

Aries- March 21 - April 20

Taurus - April 21 - May 21

Gemini - May 22 - June 21

Cancer- June 22 - July 22 - Ive only dated one cancer, and hes the only man that could keep up with me (oddly enough because), supposedly me and cancers are not even suppose to be possible to stay together, because cancers like the cancer i am with, like structure, and rules and regulations, family men... moody but they are definitely loyal and when they love you its so sincere, i would never have to second guess my cancer because he is too simple for surprises. I love my cancer to death, he has everything i dont have in my life, even though i would say he is lazy and sometimes TOO moody, he is the perfect combination of adventurous and serious. Definitely a manly figure when he needs to be, sensitive and feminine, a very good friend, and good listener. Honest and down to earth, humble and Objective.

Leo- July 23 -August 21 - Ive known 2 Leos, they where both similar but different. Leo, Leo, Leo, contorting, but contradictory, they make rules for you that they cant themselves follow, double standards. They are also pretty good at manipulating your mind, and tricking you into thinking your the one that did something wrong when you didn't. They are pretty slick talkers. I think they make better friends then boyfriends for an Aquarius like me though. Usually they are passionate and pretty honest, over all down to earth. They seem to always be struggling to be a success in life. They are dreamers, and usually really smart intellectual. Definetly down to earth and easy going. They are lazy and competitive at the same time. Stuck in the past sometimes, they have a hard time moving on from everyday life and routine.

Virgo- August 22 - September 23

Libra- September 24 - October 23

Scorpio- October 24 - November 22 - Man o Man, where do i begin, SCORPIO, Their way of showing affection is really really odd. Sexually i think they get too excited and into it that its unnatural and not even sexy anymore, its a TURN OFF, animalistic? Ive runaway from Scorpios, just because they are just too much and too wild, dont get me wrong though ive met a couple that where close to normal, but still off beat. They seem like cheaters, and think they have game, but they don't. Supposedly they dont trust women, and have this charming way of making you feel like you are someone really unique. They are spoilers, meaning they'll buy you things just because. They are really sweet if they really really like you, but they seem to always have a wall up. They are pretty simple and really easy to figure out, money hungry usually career oriented, they make good sugar daddies. but dont expect him to stay around, ive noticed if they find someone better or someone new to pursue, they ll pursue it and play emotional games with you. Scorpios are usually prone to some sort of addiction, like clubbing, alcohol, or drugs.

Sagittarius- November 23 - December 22

Capricorn- December 23 - January 20 - Capricorns are definitely the weirdest that I've ever met. They are REALLY interesting. They say one thing but act in a completely different way. Definitely passionate, and very unrealistic. I think Capricorn men make this "dream" land for themselves, this reality for them selves out of the real REALITY. They come off way too good to be true. Usually eye catching, fashion oriented, they make you feel sorry for them, play victim and let you be this god for them, its their game. DON'T BE TRICKED! they are far from stupid, if you like drama, Capricorn may be your sign. Over protective, and delusional, good with conversation, eccentric, but they interpret your words their own way. I think they are always seeking to bring out their inner child so they seem to be attractive to intense adrenaline rush situations. If things dont go their way its the highway, they are the only ones intitled to an opinion and dont apreciate others calling them out. Very child like. Ive only known 2 Capricorns, so if this is way off, my bad, but the one i knew was pretty much like this to the T.

Aquarius- January 21 - February 19

Pisces- February 20- March 20


Ive Got Mail

I totally got this in the mail today and it totally made my day!

On the 11th day of Christmas my boyfriend gave to meeeeee
One DVD and it made me sooo HAPPYYYY
Bokura ga ita for me to watch all day
This made my dayyyyyyy
& you probably thing im gayyyyy-eee



lmao OoVoO...

Im happy to see you, yaya ya, me too me too, lmao, why do we look so dead!?


much much better :)



Before i was born

Before i was born my dad invested his whole months pay check to getting a Minolta 5000. Our house burned down some time around 95' and the camera like most of our valuables went with it. Luckily his lenses and flash survived and now i am on a hunt to getting his Minolta 5000 replaced!! :) i am totally going to use this to my advantage hellz yes


Happy Birthday Mumi!! :)

Happy Birthday To you Ah-ha Happy Birthday to you Oh-ho :)

I can feel the love

My dad really made my moms bday special by making her breakfast and yelling at the top of his lungs in the morning "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!"
Its so heart warming to see your parents do lovey dovey things for each other, shopping with dad for moms presents reminded me that my love is only young, i have a lot more to learn. :)
LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!! happy bday mom and mauhz Dad for being so sweet to the woman!


yeah so i went, and!? It wasn't actually that bad, mom had a women sumayo thing so me and dee went to go help her with the audio video stuff, and the recording pictures, and taking videos stuff. Thank god it wasnt that long! There where like no people there, i felt kinda bad. Other than that i got to see Pooja after a long ass time, she seemed to be doing well, her hair was browner that i remembered it, and she was rocking the make up, i was pretty impressed!! LMAO, her mom said that i actually looked like i had a neck... (or that i was loosing weight) lol i didnt really know how to take that remark so i just smiled and nodded.

Can you believe i even helped mom read some of the stuff that needed to be presented since neelam didnt show up!? yeah i cant either, what is the world coming to?? lol i guess i wanted to be on my best behavior after all it was the womans Bday!!


The Hot Dog and the Mutt

Gopsy, Gopsy, Gopsy
Where do I begin!? I was suppose to dog sit for the rest of the month till mid January, but after just having Gops for a couple hours i knew it just wasn't gonna work out...

I picked him up on Friday from Avni and Pruthvi's house from Akshar and then brought him home. The minute i pulled into the drive way and opened my car door he jetted out and ran all over the place. I know that he has issues with running away and not coming to you when you call him so i was getting really really frustrated because he just wouldnt come to me, so i figured hell i guess ill just let KuJo out too and hopefully he follows her back inside. So then KuJo runs out goes pee like a good girl, i call her to come in and she runs back tail wagging. Thank god gops follows. Once i get them into the garage, i wipe off Kujo and let her go inside, and then wipe off Gops and let him go into the house. The two meet, smell eachother and then Gops pees on the carpet! WTF!? It wasnt a lot but i still didnt understand because he was just running around outside. After that i decide that i might as well stay home because i was really unsure weather it would be okay to leave them alone in the house or not. So i wait around for some time until they calm down. After that i left to go to walmart. When we got back Gopal got hyper again and peed on the floor in the kitchen, thank god! (2pm) We then decided to take the dogs out for a long walk because it was around 2:30pm and we hadnt walked them yet, so i took both of them out on a long walk before going back home and getting on the web cam. After that dad called and asked us to meet him at the store to pick up some presents for mom, so we went to the mall.
We got back form the mall around 8:00 and gopal peed again in the garage this time when he saw dad. We had to go back to the mall then because dads car died and we had to jump it. When i got back at 8:30, ate and then i took both dogs out again (9:30ish) for a long walk.

Surprise Surprise when i went upstairs for be Gopal had pooped in the hallway. We decided to separate the puppies at night so KuJo got to sleep with Dee and Gops was with me in the Guest room. He pretty much wined all night, and i had a nice surprise waiting for me in the morning liquid gold... I was pretty pissed, i didnt get any sleep and it REEKED of piss in the morning. I don't really know what was up with him, but the next day we decided to take the water bowl away to make sure it was under control, poor KuJo.

8am we took both dogs out. and then at 11 we took both dogs out for a long walk, they both pooped, then we let both dogs drink water, and then we took gops out again exactly an hour after he drank water. Then we fed the dogs... and this was tricky. KuJo already had her milk bone, and Gops kept eating all her food, he stole all 3 cookies we gave KuJo. I soon began to realize that we have to take Gopal out like every 3 hours, and for me that just too much work... and i can just let him run out and pee and expect him to come back like Kujo because he doesn't know anything. You say Gopal come here, and he just walks away or gets hyper and runs around uncontrollably, you say Gopal sit and he sometimes does and sometimes doesn't most of the time you have to force him, he started pulling on the leash but soon learned that was not going to work. You pretty much have to chase him down if he has something he isn't suppose to have. You say no, but he keeps trying to do the same thing like chew on his blanket!? I dont know, i was pretty annoyed. So yeah, I'm not gonna be dog sitting, i feel bad, but im already stressed out enough. I dont have the Patience anymore to train dogs.

Time Wasted

Did I ever mention that i HATE driving!? its such a waste of time!
I totally wasted 4 hours of my life in a vehicle today!

i came across this

on Zain's computer :)

Oh how i miss those reckless days :)


Christmas Party

Free food, Free Booze
it was my kinda night!! :)
thanks Ravi for taking me out!

Blazzin Challenge

The other day me and Zain decided to go BWW (again). It was yummy like always and our waitress was really really nice. It was Zains last day of class so in a way we went to go celebrate. We went early so no one was in there and we even got to choose where we wanted to sit, AWESOME! Since it was boneless Thursday and each boneless wing was only 60 cents, we got 30... lol. We always get the hot BBQ, honey BBQ, and this time we tried the Teryaki and BLAZZIN hell yeah. And dude, those shits are on FIRE! They have a warning sign on them for gods sake wtf!? I ate the first one and was like hmm this isnt too bad, and then i took a bigger bite and I immediately had a back lash of that time when i was at Avni and Pruthvis house and they dared me to eat one of the hot peppers from their back yard. My mouth literally was smoldering, SOME ONE GET ME MILK! my eyes where watering, my noes was running, i was drooling, lmao!! Seriously though i could only eat two, so the blazzin challenge!? ummm maybe if i oragelled my mouth and then ate it would work, i would look super sloppy salivating and not even knowing it but at least i would get free wings, and have my picture taken lol!! after we ate Zain pleasantly surprised me and ask me if i wanted to go for a walk and i was glad, because if we sat in the car and then sat in his class my tummy wouldn't have been a happy camper. So we walked a little, and went to this play N trade store and their video game where super cheap. They had bunches and bunches of Sega Genesis games and i was like WAAAA!!! lol They did not have TOMBA though... sigh I'm never going to get my hands on that game. After our little walk i decided that i would go with zain to his class, so off to vcu we went. By the time we got there i had to race like a horse. LMAO


off roading pisses me off

Some girl ran me off the road
So i sped up next to her
She stared at me
That pissed me off
I gave her my longest finger
She switched lanes too close behind my coupe
I stomped on my breaks
I watched in my rear view mirror
As she mouthed the words
"oh no she didn't"
Well next time don't get in my lane BITCH

I guess i am an aggressive driver, but then again seriously she shouldn't have cut me off and ran me off the road, she made eye contact with me before she did it too, like WTF?

Anyways, I'm totally done with the rough part of my week and for that i am thankful. I had the best fucking brownie Ive ever had in my life from Starbucks. It was some mint brownie thing and boy lemme tell you it was on point! That picture right there is like all the components to my project all together it was like 15 to 20 pages long!! Im so glad i did it and its done... hmmm i was struggling to get it done, but with some help and team work (thank you Thibult!!) i am all done!! :) a job well done indeed.


My Stressful Week is Coming to an End

and I'm still looking fresh!
So i just figured out that i have this uncanny way of putting a smile on my own face...
literally i crack my self up!



So Someone deff just made my day by voting Raj as the babies name lol, who ever you are thanks :) yay

So anyways, im sitting here in the Business building chillen waiting for my next class at 2 o'clock. I have a presentation i have to give today in that class as well as a final exam tomorrow, and then a test in accounting and a 1000pt (no that is not suppose to be 100) project due Thursday, and then ill be able to breath easy. Im probably not as stressed out as i should be but its okay. I recently been having a lot of unusual things occurring to me, like people from my past coming up to say hello, and then others freaking out on me because i was too sarcastic about something i didnt care about. Or people calling me playing games like guess who i am? Im honestly a little to old to be playing guessing games so, i would really appreciate if children stayed to calling other children. This whole ohhh we wanna fuck with Ami's mind thing all week, is really not helping my ADD during a crucial time like this when i should be studding. My phone is about to die, and that sucks but whatever, Ive been eating out all week because im too damn stressed out to take out the time to go grocery shopping, or cook. FML, ill be broke before Christmas even starts.
Seriously though I'm pretty cautious to what i say today FML if i slip up and say something sarcastic to the wrong person, the stars, and my horoscope tell me that ill regret it, WTF? So im living my day today in constant fear of rubbing others the wrong way. Odd.
Some people in the business building for the business magazine or something interviewed me asking what steps ive taken towards my career goals, i lied and said ive been trying to get internships and hands on experience. Which i guess isnt fully a lie, i did ask my dad if he would help and he just brushed me off, so wishfully i was just expressing my frustration. I didn't lie i was an accounting major, or that i was planning on getting my CPA, so in a way i guess i told the truth, ill probably go to hell but whatever. At least im a good liar.
Surprisingly im really not nervous about this presentation... upppp never mind that was a stomach churn... hmmm Im super frustrated oh well. I was reminded that you cant rely on people, go figure something that i lived my life by and somehow i forgot, thank you for reminding me though, im so much better this way.


(project)^2 x (6tests) = 2weeks of FML

ummm yeah... pretty self explanatory, can anyone tell me why my last exam is on the 15th!? wtf.. i guess ill be in Richmond longer than i expected, oh well, i tend to stay in better routine here anyways!

Christmas Shopping, Black Friday... i hate shopping, I need to figure out how to use my camcord thing as a webcam so i can start skyping my life away :)

I talked to prune via skype on friday that was so much fun!! it really was like old times just the four of us chillen, i really really enjoyed it! We came up with a secret santa thing for this year, it should be fun and i got ____________! We all have to come up with a list of 5 things we want in the price range of $50-$70 bucks. I dont really know any big ticket items that i want, but i have a lot of small things, like manga and such, lmao i am such a dork oh well :)

Despite me having a bad week im going to make the best of it by working out like i am suppose to so i feel productive, and actually doing my work in a time sensitive manner so i dont get too stressed out. I have a presentation tomorrow and a final on Wednesday. I hate it when people say "aww schools not that bad" maybe to you its not, but i hate school, soooo F U.

I had a really weird dream last night about my ex and his girlfriend, shame i wish i could supress such things after such a long time. Oh well i guess some feelings just never fade who knows, it was random and totally uncalled for, damn you brain! Other than that though, im well rested and ready to start my god forsaken week with a big bang. I was lazy all weekend, and now its back to the chopping board. Ninja style "DO YOU LIKE STARS!?"


Thanksgiving Break

... what are you really giving me break?? A pointless work out routine that i was working my butt off at down the drain, oh thank you how thought full of you!

hmm well i didn't do too bad, i stayed eating healthy for the most part, i didn't work out at all thought, i suppose its fine though, it was only for 3 days i remained idle. My break over all was pretty good. I ate thanksgiving turkey and it was yum. I had pani poori, and Mexican Bhel that mom mad, i got to stay up all night and go out shopping 4 in the morning with my sister and George. I got to see Avni after a long ass time and enjoyed some good wine at olive gardens, and i even got to skype with Prune. The pros over weigh the cons by milestones so im not fretting.

My phone keeps on getting nasty greesy.. i need to find a solution to this asap... ew



I thought you understood English...
anyways, my annoyance level with life has been running on over drive lately but that's okay. My back is hurting today from all this f*ing working out, but the working out is working, i lost 2lbs lmao which isn't too bad. I have a memo on my phone tracking my work out and how many calories my treadmill says Ive burned. I think ive finally formed a habit, i dont think i could go back to a life with out working out.

Im really excited about getting away from richmond and coming home, i really wanna see everyone and laugh and joke and forget all my problemos, its gonna be a challenge keeping this diet up when i go though i know it! Im up for the challenge though ive been pretty honest thus far. YUMMM i have a tiramisu craving lmao... jog for an extra hour.

eww i hate my picture on my student ID, i swear i dont understand why people take retardo pictures of me and then post them so im reminded of how god aweful i look 24/7... seriously, maybe thats why i like taking pictures of my self because i can look how i wanna look...

Im going to a Christmas Party on the 4th with Ravi, should be interesting. I guess im making up for never going to the ones when i was working at Hechts, i hope people dont think im his gf, or he doesnt awekwardly introduce me to people, i dont like that. Lol Zain said that he should make it really awekward for him when he comes to pick me up lmao. Haaa, i love you shaikhum your such a goof :)

Well im over and out about to start my VACA :)


I bet your even more scared of me now!?

I got to go shooting with Zain and some of our friends the other day and it was so much fun!! :)

Ryan, Zains former co worker, and Sarah his awesome gf invited us over since Ryan lives out in the middle of no where and we can shoot into the woods at our own risks. His house was really really nice and honestly i wouldt mind at all living in a location like that with nothing else around, completely isolated. OMG they had the cutest animals!! They had horses and cats, and a puppy and a bird, it reminded me of my house minus the cats and horses + the snake.

I got to shoot Sarahs riffle, it was kinda hard for me to get comfortable, and i missed everytime by a little but im sure practice will make me better. Sarah was killen it, she hit everything i was like WHOA!! super woman!!

Lol, it took us like an hour to order pizza that day, none of us had cash, and so we asked the pizza people if we could split the check onto 3 bank cards, lmao...

I also got to meet Zains other friend Jimmy! :)



A search for Truth

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

So usually I blog about how stressful my life is and shit, and today is no different but I have been making lots of progress with myself. Somehow today I thought to myself that I’m so selfish that I would run away from everyone I knew and start my life all over again. I feel like I am constantly pushed and pulled by so many different forces that it drives me crazy. My parents god bless their souls, are the best parents I could ever ask for but at the same time their expectations are set at a bar that I am uninterested in achieving. I just want to know the truth about life, seek something more than this mundane life that I know isn’t the answers to all my complications. I want to see the world; I want to endure the hardships, with no money, no water, and no food. I want to travel city to city learn different cultures, learn different languages, I want to document these things, and send post cards to people who think I’m nuts. Right now, I’m in need of constant change to keep a smile on my face, I’m tired of this mundane life.

I’ve started jogging almost every day. I figure maybe if I can get my body in really good shape, I can land a good job somewhere good. It’s so sad that the world has come down to being so cosmetic. It’s all about how you look, how much you take care of yourself, how big your tits are, how white your teeth are… Don’t get left behind. I want to be a success but not in the things that others want for me, I just want to be happy with no obligations. I want to be able to walk out and not be asked about, I want a carefree sort of life. A life that wouldn’t burden anyone… I would hate to say it, but America is not the place for a girl like me. I would rather live an uncomplicated life out by the beach, and surf my days away. I would rather live as a herder walking my sheep across the terrain; collecting my thoughts, writing down my memories, and documenting my days and nights. I really want to run away from it all. I want to learn the true meaning of life, of sorrow, of love, and pain. Thank you life for officially corrupting my sanity.



Hello Fellow Bloggers!

There are these really GORGEOUS trees right outside of my apartment doors views. Whenever I see them I can’t help but to smile… DAMN MOTHER NATURE YOU PRETTY… lmao jk

I think red is officially my favorite color. I don’t think there is any other color that catches my eye like the color red, it does something to me, exciting… I don’t know it’s pretty exhilarating. It’s the color of blood, it’s the color of lust, it’s the color of fire, how could red not be my favorite color, it holds so much mystery. You can see red from miles away; it goes well with almost every color. Hmmm thank you god for blessing us with the ability to see the spectrum


lifestyle change

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
I know that my blogs been lagging and I really apologize for that. I’ve been in constant battle with myself, and instead of being a lazy ass on the computer or watching tv all day, or studying my life away I have begun concentrating on making myself the best I can be physically and health wise. I’m on a strict all organic diet along with a busy exercise plan that consists of jogging everyday for an hour with a mix of p90x. I haven’t set any goals at all for myself. I haven’t weighed myself at all. I didn’t take any measurements; I am literally blindly putting in all the effort that I can and hoping for the best. It’s easier this way. I try and avoid mirrors for the time being and think only positive, I think I am on a road to success. IF I can get the body that I always imagined myself to have, and my inside reflects on my outside, I will be convinced that I really am capable of anything I put my mind and effort to. So in a sense my whole purpose of this is not only so I can live to be old as shit and healthy but to also do myself a favor and knock one of my biggest insecurities into its grave forever. This is a lifestyle change for me not a short term get as small as I can in the shortest amount of time gig. Im pretty content and I know that I will reach the fitness level that I desire. No one come and rain on my parade or ill kick your ass for sure this time :)


mom & dad in NC