I bet your even more scared of me now!?

I got to go shooting with Zain and some of our friends the other day and it was so much fun!! :)

Ryan, Zains former co worker, and Sarah his awesome gf invited us over since Ryan lives out in the middle of no where and we can shoot into the woods at our own risks. His house was really really nice and honestly i wouldt mind at all living in a location like that with nothing else around, completely isolated. OMG they had the cutest animals!! They had horses and cats, and a puppy and a bird, it reminded me of my house minus the cats and horses + the snake.

I got to shoot Sarahs riffle, it was kinda hard for me to get comfortable, and i missed everytime by a little but im sure practice will make me better. Sarah was killen it, she hit everything i was like WHOA!! super woman!!

Lol, it took us like an hour to order pizza that day, none of us had cash, and so we asked the pizza people if we could split the check onto 3 bank cards, lmao...

I also got to meet Zains other friend Jimmy! :)

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