blogging with my pre

so after having my phone for only a week, cracking my screen and getting a new one... I finally feel good about my pre. I mean seriously come on I'm posting blogs via palm. :) I love my pre! I actually got a cover for it and everything. The only thing i would complain about is that is really easy to break, and if your constantly using the pre, its gonna die on you just as quick. Since the charger is USB though you can pretty much charge it anywhere you go. As far as the apps and stuff go, is not 100% free, but you can get basic apps for free so i mean unless you have money to splurge on apps your gonna be a little limited to a handful. With that being said, they pretty much add apps everyday so its deff growing in variety. Thanks to websites going mobile you can view porn and anime on your pre :) so all i gotta say is it really does kick ass!


some guy in my O.B. group project picked up my phone (with out permission) and said "ewww" and i was like "WTF are you ewww - ing at??"... 1. Clearly if i wanted porn on my home screen of my phone i could, its MY fucking phone and i would like to add that would NOT make me nasty, and 2. why the hell did he pick it up like it was his anyways... obnoxious as shit....

Oh and does anyone know how to make the word doc on the pre work?? i keep getting an error message, i guess i should look into that...

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