Thanksgiving Break

... what are you really giving me break?? A pointless work out routine that i was working my butt off at down the drain, oh thank you how thought full of you!

hmm well i didn't do too bad, i stayed eating healthy for the most part, i didn't work out at all thought, i suppose its fine though, it was only for 3 days i remained idle. My break over all was pretty good. I ate thanksgiving turkey and it was yum. I had pani poori, and Mexican Bhel that mom mad, i got to stay up all night and go out shopping 4 in the morning with my sister and George. I got to see Avni after a long ass time and enjoyed some good wine at olive gardens, and i even got to skype with Prune. The pros over weigh the cons by milestones so im not fretting.

My phone keeps on getting nasty greesy.. i need to find a solution to this asap... ew

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