NC day 1


Chillen at Buffalo Wild Wings

Spider that was on out boat, it was huge!
The park in Georges and Dees back yard

So if you don't already know Zain and I went down to NC to go see my sister and George, and their new apartment. Surprisingly the drive was only 2 1/2 hours from Richmond, i really didn't realize we where that close to the border of NC! Did you know when your driving south you can actually catch signs saying your heading to Miami?? I was like whoa! but unfortunately i didn't get a picture of that. Zain and i left around 10 or so and got there at 1, over all it was a fun road trip.

Along the way we saw tons of cops, and thank god, we didn't get pulled over! Before we left me and Zain stopped by for some breakfast and then we where all ready to go! Luckily we had Zain's Ipod to listen to so i was just acting a fool, listening to, of course the USED. :)
After about going 2/3rds of the way we decided that we where thirsty, so we stopped by at a gas station. The gas station was called Oasis, and it had a Dunking donuts MMMhmmm. lmao all the state troopers where there it was pretty funny. So like we walk into this rest area/ gas station and i swear they have like animals everywhere (not real ones) and not the type that you would think southern states had either OH, no... they where African... Like in the middle was a big hipo, and on the walls where a big zebra skin, and on the other a panther. I didn't get what it had to do with an Oasis but i think i was sold, it was pretty nice in there, and to top it off Indian people owned it lmao. So anyways, i have a donut craving so Zain and I go wait in the Dunkin' line. Up comes a really fat lady, red neck and starts checking out the donuts, i mean like she is shifting side to side, squinting out to them. Eventually she walks away mumbling quote "They don't even have anything to satisfy a fat girl." LMAO! My chocolate sprinkle donut satisfied a regular girl like me so eh, i was good :)Really enjoying the fresh air :)
So then finally we get to Georges and Dee's house :) The Apartment was really really nice. Pretty big, and KuJo was happy to see us too. For the four of them i think there is more than enough space. The bathroom was huge, even their bed room is huge. The didn't have much of anything in there yet, but once they deck it out its gonna look nice as shit. I always thought having a fire place was a waste of wall space, but i totally agree that its a must have. OMG i really want a wood burning fire place in my next home!! Its probably the best heat ever, and it makes you fall asleep so good!!!

After we got there and took a look around Dee and George took us to the Farmers Market to get some yumm yumm lemon cake. The lemon cake was probably the best Ive ever had, and we even scored a free slice!! hell yeah, at this point i think NC was winning both me and Zain over :) After the farmers market we went to this Indian joint to eat, surprisingly it was really cheap! For 2 dishes and 1 naan it was only $9.99 which is really good, because usually one matter paaner is like $13.99 so i mean it was totally worth the money. I guess its not really about money when it comes to food though, it was pretty damn yummy :) LMAO, they had a watering can in the bathroom instead of a bucket... welcome to America i guess..

After we went to the Indian restaurant we figured we ate kinda heavy and we should do something out doorsy so we went to dee and George's back yard (not literally but i mean you could walk to this part from their house). It was amazingly nice. The weather was really nice, it was a little cool but the sun was still out. We ended up getting a paddle boat on the lake and boy oh boy it was really really nice. After letting the boys paddle us around for 30 min we went to the SPCA to see if we could find any doggies that i liked. AND OMG, there where so many cute dogs there. And there set up for the dogs was so nice. All the dogs where in kennels but they where in these rooms. there where 3 dogs in each room, and then they all took turns going outside. Most of them where free to wander around in their rooms and interact with each other. I would have to say it was the nicest SPCA i have ever been too! I didn't even feel bad for the dogs lol. I deff found some dogs there that i would consider adopting too, it was really really nice. After the SPCA we ended up going back home so that me and Dee could go pee. After peeing and drinking water we decided to head out again for some dinner. And i don't think the evening could have been wrapped up any better than with BWW. yumm yumm yumm Buffalo wild Wings. It was really really yum! :)

After eating we went home and burned some fire wood, relaxed and went to sleep. Boy o boy the fire was so nice.


  1. Yay I reset the password. That was a great weekend. Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. lmao pregnancy is obviously making you forget... geez dee you gotta start writing these things down, im about to buy you sticky notes!