I really really want a puppy

The Pros of getting a dog:
1. Ill be super happy
2. Ill never be lonely
3. Ill have a puppy to call my own
4. Ill be saving a life

The Cons of getting a dog:
1. Ill have to save more money to cover the dogs expenses
2. Ill have to be home to walk the dog
3. If me and Zain decide to go on a cruise i will have to find a place for the dog to stay
4. My cars interior will suffer, ill probably take it everywhere
5. Vet fees
6. Training (pro and con)

Hmmmm... lots to think about. Its so easy to get a puppy, but i really dont wanna be unfair to the dog. Getting a dog is so much different then a hamster or something, you know, its like getting a new best friend to do everything with. Atleast thats how i see it. I really want Zain to love the dog as much as i am going to because if he doesnt thats really goin got annoy me when we have to go somewhere.

Dogs... Once you have one its hard to go with out.

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