The Hot Dog and the Mutt

Gopsy, Gopsy, Gopsy
Where do I begin!? I was suppose to dog sit for the rest of the month till mid January, but after just having Gops for a couple hours i knew it just wasn't gonna work out...

I picked him up on Friday from Avni and Pruthvi's house from Akshar and then brought him home. The minute i pulled into the drive way and opened my car door he jetted out and ran all over the place. I know that he has issues with running away and not coming to you when you call him so i was getting really really frustrated because he just wouldnt come to me, so i figured hell i guess ill just let KuJo out too and hopefully he follows her back inside. So then KuJo runs out goes pee like a good girl, i call her to come in and she runs back tail wagging. Thank god gops follows. Once i get them into the garage, i wipe off Kujo and let her go inside, and then wipe off Gops and let him go into the house. The two meet, smell eachother and then Gops pees on the carpet! WTF!? It wasnt a lot but i still didnt understand because he was just running around outside. After that i decide that i might as well stay home because i was really unsure weather it would be okay to leave them alone in the house or not. So i wait around for some time until they calm down. After that i left to go to walmart. When we got back Gopal got hyper again and peed on the floor in the kitchen, thank god! (2pm) We then decided to take the dogs out for a long walk because it was around 2:30pm and we hadnt walked them yet, so i took both of them out on a long walk before going back home and getting on the web cam. After that dad called and asked us to meet him at the store to pick up some presents for mom, so we went to the mall.
We got back form the mall around 8:00 and gopal peed again in the garage this time when he saw dad. We had to go back to the mall then because dads car died and we had to jump it. When i got back at 8:30, ate and then i took both dogs out again (9:30ish) for a long walk.

Surprise Surprise when i went upstairs for be Gopal had pooped in the hallway. We decided to separate the puppies at night so KuJo got to sleep with Dee and Gops was with me in the Guest room. He pretty much wined all night, and i had a nice surprise waiting for me in the morning liquid gold... I was pretty pissed, i didnt get any sleep and it REEKED of piss in the morning. I don't really know what was up with him, but the next day we decided to take the water bowl away to make sure it was under control, poor KuJo.

8am we took both dogs out. and then at 11 we took both dogs out for a long walk, they both pooped, then we let both dogs drink water, and then we took gops out again exactly an hour after he drank water. Then we fed the dogs... and this was tricky. KuJo already had her milk bone, and Gops kept eating all her food, he stole all 3 cookies we gave KuJo. I soon began to realize that we have to take Gopal out like every 3 hours, and for me that just too much work... and i can just let him run out and pee and expect him to come back like Kujo because he doesn't know anything. You say Gopal come here, and he just walks away or gets hyper and runs around uncontrollably, you say Gopal sit and he sometimes does and sometimes doesn't most of the time you have to force him, he started pulling on the leash but soon learned that was not going to work. You pretty much have to chase him down if he has something he isn't suppose to have. You say no, but he keeps trying to do the same thing like chew on his blanket!? I dont know, i was pretty annoyed. So yeah, I'm not gonna be dog sitting, i feel bad, but im already stressed out enough. I dont have the Patience anymore to train dogs.

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