Down-wArd Dog

What it do!?
Today has been a success, i am so happy, AND LESS STRESSED OUT! yay! now i can concentrate on accounting and make sure i get a D at least!! :)


  1. Those pictures are just amazing! Your manga style drawings are getting really really good too, I can never draw people but you make it seem so easy. Now go strive for a B and who knows you'd actually pass with a C 8D!

  2. thank you soo much dee :) I am getting a lot faster drawing too, like the soccer kid i drew in like 15-30 min in class. And even the girl i had the basic outline done in like 20 min.. i colored her in like an hour, its not done but i am pretty happy with how it came out! And i took the picture at the park last sunday :) s'ank you again :D