3 1/2 Day Weekends

I woke up early this morning, around 7:00am, I still had that conditioner in my hair that i had to wash out. Lucky for me though, i didn't have class until 9:30, which was canceled anyway. I spent most of the morning studding for my Art History exam. It was really ridiculous having to memorize like 20 dates for each art piece. But i guess the easy thing is that it is all purely memorization. I ate chocolate chip cookies all morning to keep me awake. They essentially failed, because i later fell asleep again for an hour. After my nap i woke up again studied did my hair, and went back to studding. Zain also tried helping me study but his efforts just made me more confused. Its okay though i know he meant to be the biggest help ever. We then took a field trip to the VCU bookstore to get scan trons. Yeah stupid Art teacher doesn't provide them, i guess i can understand. 14 cents per scan tron could add up with like 50 kids in your class. I didn't go to one of the classes last week for art so it was really hard for me to regurgitate some of the information on the test but i did my best. Over all i think i might have pulled a B. Now i am downstairs of hibbs waiting for Zain to get out of class. I think he said that he gets out at 3:15. I hope he can find me, he told me to go to some lounge area thing. But instead, i found this computer lab.

I really want a nice drink tonight, and a yummy filling dinner. Zain has class tonight, and a mid term i believe. I really hope that he does well. I don't know what i am going to do when i get home, but last night Zain promised he would play Army of Two with me. I tried to convince him to play with me last night but i guess he was too tired. He is probably going to get annoyed with my playing though, i suck. O well, i can practice and get better. I want to make a stop by at game stop soon, i wonder if there are any games that we wanted on sale yet. I some how hurt my index finger, i think it was yesterday when i was shoveling all the snow aside to get Zain's car out of the parking space. It is a bit swollen and hurts at the joint, it should be okay i guess in a couple days. I cant wait till it gets warm outside, although i am going to enjoy the snow while it lasts. When i get home I'm going to take some pictures of whatever i can find and post them!

I miss my friends a lot, and i wish we could all meet up soon since spring break is right around the corner. I really wish that we all would stay in touch more, countless efforts seem to go to waste. I guess i have to stay patient, not think to much into it, which i cant help. I am constantly wondering if other people think i am as precious to them as they are to me. I always philosophy all these theories in my head as to why people don't treat each other how they really feel, and i guess one answer is that some people just don't care. People are to busy in their own lives to care about how they feel and how others feel around them. I guess people are stuck in some sort of materialized world that they cannot escape and accept the true things that matter. Things such as love, friendship family. I think its sad really to not be able to separate the things that matter and the things that don't. Other times i feel that people don't really know how they feel. Or the are to scared to be judged. Honestly i can understand that, i have always been judged and made fun of. But honestly i don't feel like i have to hide those things from the people i consider my friends. My "friends" are the people i want to know every thing about and tell everything to. Even though i must admit i am scared of loosing them. I trust them to feel secure enough to tell them anything. I think it takes a lot of courage to make someone their best friend. It is a big risk to open up to someone and welcome them into your world, that's why i never take the consideration of another human being reaching out to be a friend as a joke. I understand how hard it is to be true to your self and true to someone else. It takes a lot of effort to be honest and open in a relationship. But seriously once everyone is on the same page, its a beautiful, turbulence free ride. That is why i am glad that i have found someone i can be open with and share everything with. I really love Zain a lot and i know he loves me too a lot. I just wanna say thank you too my friends too. Prune, Oni-giri, Neelum, My wonderful best in the world sister! I also wanna say thank you to Sabrina, and Mary, even though we don't get to hang out as much you two are always in my heart. I also want to say thanks to Mina-lo and Pooja, I know we are only now getting to know each other better, but i really want to get to know you and think that both of you are wonderful and fun people to be with. I miss you guys soooo much, hope everything is good, mauhz!!! HAHA, hope to see them SOON!!!
Topic of the Day:

The War On Drugs
So should the government of United States Legalize and Tax Marijuana? I would say yes. I think that legalizing marijuana could actually have a lot of pros apposed to cons. For instance, the government could tax the drug and get more money from it, it would help out the economic crisis that we are in right now just a bit. Marijuana is just as but not more harmful than some of the already legal drugs such as alcohol and Tobacco. Marijuana is also found to be useful for cancer patients, and is being more widely used in science now. I guess another pro would be that there would be less people in jail for minor possession. The only cons that i can really see
at this point are people who would abuse the drug. People who would be stoned and operate motor vehicles. Another thing that i guess would be kinda gross would be all the second hand smoke non smokers would have to then deal with. That can always be solved by passing laws to have designated smoking areas for our weed head friends. Well i guess that's my view on it. Call me a liberal :)
I personally do not smoke weed, or cigarettes, I have tried to smoke weed before, and honestly don't remember it. It was way back in high school and i remember not liking the smell. I honestly am not a fan of things that alter the smell of my skin in any way. I hate the smell of smoke, but i don't mind the smokey smell of air on a brisk, super cold morning. I really hope that the government eventually makes smoking illegal in public places, not only is it an eye sore, but it also makes the natural smell of fresh air depreciate. Although i cant lie, i do wonder if smoking is really that great. People say it keeps you skinny because it decreases your appetite. People say that while the are puffing the stick they are in a state of Ecstasy, worry free. People say that... I guess in the long run non of those things are worth your health. You could stay skinny by exercising even though that takes LOTS of time and EFFORT, You could stay worry free and stress free by making plans, and not procrastinating, saving money and staying optimistic. So i guess in turn smoking cant be all that great.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture AHHH thank god for putting an artistic soul like you on earth :) i have someone who understand the language!

  2. thanks mina!!! <3 you have been such an inspiration, i cant thank you enough!! And yeah i speak art too :)