A Beautiful day spent out doors, it was wonderful. Today Zain and I went to Maymount Park. It was the best ever. Although we didnt get to see the little museum part because it was closed, we did get to see all the cool animals. We pretty much spent all day out at the park, we also decided that it was the most awsome place to go sledding next time it snows. Its really suprising to me how Byrd Park is right next door to Maymount but the atmosphere is totally different. I ended up getting a tan line, not exactly what i wanted. We went to eat at Red Robins as well, it was the BEST. I was craving like Crazy some veggie burger. I got the sroom burger, it was a bit soggy, but i put it on a plate and ate it with fork and knife. That way it wasnt to messy, and comfortable to eat too. OMG i totally love their onion rings, they arent too gressy. They were sooo yum. After the eating and park we came back to zains house and washed the cars. We made them all shinny and look like new. My car really needed a cleaning, it was still all white from the salt and snow.

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  1. LOVE 3rd and Fourth pic
    you guys are great :) and that fish!
    good catch.