Day Spent Together

Didn't do much today, lazing the day away. Zain has off YAY!!!
Topic of the Day:
Are Weight loss pills bad for you!?
Honestly the way i look at it is, as long as you dont get addicted to any type of pill its alright. I personally take Caffeine Pills 30-45 min before i work out, and days i dont work out i dont take them at all. I also take a multi-vitamin, which my parents are totally convinced are bad for me. I tried to tell them that they are just like centrums but decompose better so your body actually absorbs the vitimins but they werent buying it. Oh Well! But i would have to say i dont believe in those crazy weight loss pills that say youll loose weight just taking them. I also dont believe that tea helps you to shed pounds. Technically to shed a whole pound you would have to burn approximatly 3000 calories. So if you cut 500 everyday you should loose a pound a week. Counting calories is a really difficult task to do, and tedious too. I have actually been wanting to make a log of everything i eat everyday. I think that would help me keep count, and over see how healthy i am actually eating. I have found the best tylonol ever, its called white willow bark, its 100% natural and it really works. I usually take them after i work out and feel really sore. Well thats about it, im not a doctor or anything, so dont think that any of this is factual, its just what i think!

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