Adventures in Wonderland

Me and Zain ventured out into the snow, unfortunately i couldnt bring the camera. But the snow was simply amazing!! The trees where pouring snow, the weight from the snow on the trees made them look as if they where tears, weighing into the ground, it was marvelous. As we went to the far side of Zains neighborhood we found this little cave like opening in the trees. Seriously i already knew it was bad news but Zain insisted we check it out. So here we go approching this opening, and the minute we walk into it all this rusteling and animal noises start happening. We both run and Zain yells out its the Yetty cave, quick sweep the foot steeps, he picks me up and sweeps me like a broom over he our footsteps. He is just a charmer. We come back home and make hot coco. I really wonder if VCU will cancel school tomorrow, i kinda hope that they do. The road conditions arent looking to hot. Plus it would be nice to have a long weekend, even if i am stuck at Zains house. I have so much left to learn on my camera, and serioulsy experimentation is the best way to learn. I pick up the Xsi time to time and snap away, i love it!

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