Cum smelling flowers... eww

I couldn't have had a better Sunday!! The weather was nice, camera in hand, boyfriend in a happy mood, simply blissful. Me and Zain decided to go to Newport News today, to look for an adventure. He took me to Fort Eustis, where we went to museums, and even FREE putputing. We drove around, stopping at every location i wanted to snap some shots. We saw horses and a whole bunch of pelicans in the water. I got to see all the different helicopters, and war automobiles the military used to use, maybe still do. It was a lot of fun. After that we ended up going to york town beach. It brought back so many memories to the first summer when me and zain met. We didnt walk on the beach or anything, but zain drove around looking for places he could do tricks. Driving around, we came across this clan of bikers, and i think zain found a bike he really really liked. I really liked it too, it was this military green color in mat instead of that glossy paint we usually see displayed. After that we finally parked and found a place for me to shoot zain doing tricks. I was really impressed, he never ceases to take my breath away. It was about sun down, and getting chilly, we where both pretty hungry so we decided to head over to Zains parents house. Zain was talking with his mom on the phone while she was driving home from work, we stood outside. She had no idea, and she was soooo happy that we came to visit, much as my mom would be had i done the same thing. We already made plans for next weekend too, Zains mom and dad and bros are going to come down on Saturday and spend the day with us. After spending a couple hours over there, I called up Sabrina to see what she was up to. We ended up heading over to her place. I deff drank, a much needed stress relief. It was so nice catching up with her. She looks so amazing too, and of course Mary too! I love the way mine and Sabrina's friend ship is though, its almost like an ancient text. I really missed her a lot. We made plans too since they couldn't make it to my 21st. Mary, Sabrina are going to take me out to the Rainbow Cactus on Friday night. My first time to a bar+ a gay bar. I cant wait its going to be SOO much fun i know it. I just have to remember not to smoke when i get drunk, i don't want to get into smoking. Im still desperately waiting for my videos to come in YAY, zain finally ordered my P90x today *grin*


  1. Zain flying and shit....

  2. Gravity defying, he looks like he's hovering in mid air lol.