Fridays, self accomplished attitude

Good morning!! This morning has been pretty good for me so far. I got early, and got ready. I packed all my stuff since I'm going straight to Zains house right after school. It was really nice outside this morning when i walked to class. In accounting i think i kind of understood what Holland was talking about. I have a math quiz today at 11. I am kinda worried about it because i missed almost 3days last week of class. But i reviewed for it last night and this morning for an hour and i think i am pretty confident about it. After that i have poli, i probably will write some more on here then because the class is kind of boring. I just uploaded some art i had laying around, i look pictures last night. I think my art has gotten really bad. I used to be so good, it used to be easy. Now i think that i am just way to impatient. Last night i made a whole list of things i need to get done. I think i should start making lists, they make me feel more at ease about getting things done. Today I'm going to go jogging, and then go to walmart to buy some groceries and house hold things. After that ill come back home and make something to eat, clean a little bit, relax. Its finally time for spring break YAY! We where going to camping, but then we came to realization that the camp grounds aren't open April. I'm going to meet Zain after poli, and get my car. Yeah its still stuck at zains. I'm not quite sure when i am going to go home, Zain has work all week. I think i might go on Saturday, and then come back on Tuesday. I don't know what excuse I'm going to come up with this time. I am really excited to go home and take pictures of KuJo and Moti. And ill have down time to play the Wii.

So i looked at the Used CD book thing to draw this, i am such a big fan!! <3>

I started drawing KuJo here, and i have the finished product as well, i wasn't really happy with the final product but its all good, i can still go from this and edit to make it better on Coral painter.

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