Serenity of The Snow Storm

It is crazy outside, I have already heard about 2 spin out stories, and god forbid. I'm still here stuck at Zains place, i am actually pretty antsy to get home now. I just wanna relax, take a nice shower with all my stuff, wash my hair, be able to blow dry it so i don't get sick. eat some good food because there really is nothing to eat over here, gaa am i complaining or what this morning!! I guess i should stay collected, its still white and amazing outside. Oh and of course VCU is still the only local uni open, who is still insisting we put all 18-24yr old Asians back on the road to cause more chaos. Great VCU, there will be an accident at every corner of Monroe park, but no worries, this will be beneficial to the campus residents who are having a massive snow ball fight. We didn't believe it yesterday when it was only raining outside that snow was even going to fall from the heavens, yet nature has once again taken our breath away. Saint Patty's day right around the corner, with the luck of me Irish, we got snow. thanks St. Patrick for the snow, i dont know how lucky it is seeing as how we still have school, and i cant see the road but hey im sure as hell going to try to get some nice shots today!

Dude, it took almost a whole hour to get the car out of the parking lot. Zains back tire didn't even move. We used a broom and shovel to get the snow out from under the car. Zain sat in the car and i kept scooping up the snow, it was so much fun. I had so much fun scooping and throwing snow over to the side. Me and Zain even had a mini snowball fight. I also took some nice pictures of ice and snow on branches and stuff. Im actually watcihng 10 Years Younger. I love this show, its such a good show, i like how they change lives, every one deserves to look beautiful :)... Zain ended up having to go to work because Target didn't have power, and all the psychos decided to get out in the snow just to steal shit from Target... that's really sad, but i guess people are really crazy and untrust worthy. We had Chinese left overs, early this morning, but we didn't have that much left over so we where still hungry. When we got back from out side we had hott coco again, it was really yummy, with marshmallows. LOL, i was just watching tv, and the new PAM commercials are SO funny, LMAO, that was hilarious. Man im kinda bored now, i wish zain didnt have to go to work but i guess its okay, a little extra cash in pocket i guess. Its only 2:00 gee wiz. OMG ladies that decide to have natural birth are insane. But then again, back in the day they didnt have crazy medicin to numb you and shit. On TV they made the prego woman take castor oil to get the baby out, Mid wifes are crazy, i guess the whole thing is just crazy. Could you imagin a whole head coming out your gina hole, geez... yeah thats insane. I guess thats life though. I wonder if school will be open tomorrow, most probably will be. Which reminds me i have an Art History exam. Its still snowing a little bit outside. My car is no way going anywhere anytime soon. It sounds like Zain is back home, and so that is really exciting, but it may not be him. Anticipation... Nope it wasnt him. Dude have you heard of that Half Ton... whatever, how do you become a half a ton, thats really crazy too, i cant understand that.
I am finally back home YAY!!! Incredibly the roads were not that bad but i still haven't moved my car from Zains house. Its about 8:30 and I am about to make dinner. I think i am going to make some pasta. Noodles, with Vodka sauce!? Sounds good to me! I still have to take pictures of my awsome shaker i recieved from Prune. She has been dying to see it, and i am dying to show her too, i want to take some pictures of KhamaKazi too since i havent yet. But she seems to be sleeping right now. I have conditioner in my hair, and am planing to leave it in over night. Hopefully I can get some moitsure back into it. Much needed, its kinda sad i am only now getting around to it. I should put some eggs in it, make it nice and shiny. I really want to take out time to learn how to play more songs on the guitar, i have tried you tube, but i guess i can pick it up that fast, i need a hands on person showing me exactly what i have to pick and where to put my fat fingures. Its good to be home, even though i like in a studio and its small, its home.

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