Happy St. Patties Day

  1. My favorite color changes periodically, just as often as seasons do.
  2. I like to read books before going to sleep because they make me sleepy.
  3. I really like to eat spicy food, and i can never turn down good Indian food.
  4. I am not religious, yet i like to study it.
  5. I observe people like they are mice.
  6. I like to sing to myself.
  7. I believe i can do anything i put my mind to, i just have to want it bad enough.
  8. I often put friends before family.
  9. Relationships are priorities not accessories to me.
  10. I write poetry only when I'm super emotional.
  11. I like to buy things for other people more than shopping for myself.
  12. I am lazier than most people realize.
  13. I pride myself in how versatile i am.
  14. I strongly believe in individuality, and self expression.
  15. I love art, music, and fashion.
  16. I love reading manga, and watching anime.
  17. I have become not so independent after meeting Zain.
  18. I make wishes on eye lashes because of that one movie, Hum dil de chuke sanam.
  19. Indian people always think im Mexican, or something.
  20. I want a half full sleeve. (tattoo)
  21. I wish i had more time to spend on art.
  22. I think my parents are too pushy and not supportive enough.
  23. I can come up with really fly dance routines in my head but my body can never express them.
  24. I am often too lazy to eat when I am hungry.
  25. I survive on fruits.
  26. I love challenges.
  27. I always tend to think before i act unless i am really angry.
  28. I hardly ever get pissed
  29. I am way to nice to people that annoy me.
  30. I don't really care about what people think of me.
  31. Often when i look in the mirror i see someone who is really fat.
  32. I try my best not to judge people i don't know, but i know its human nature to jump to conclusions.
  33. Betrayal by friends is what really hurts me the most, its also the only thing that gets me really pissed off.
  34. I've always wanted to write my own songs, and play tunes to go with them on the guitar
  35. I wish i had more time to learn more songs on the guitar
  36. Peoples talents are what makes the world such a wonderful place to live in.
  37. Seeing nature captured in its true form and beauty, weather it be in a memory, picture, art or writing, always moves me.
  38. I never forget faces, but ill never remember names, if i do remember names it is always fist and last.
  39. I think i have a very sharp memory when it comes to events, not when it comes to school.
  40. I would much rather hang out with a small group of close friends than a group of people i never knew existed.
  41. I believe in aliens and the supernatural.
  42. I can only be myself around people who let their guard down first.
  43. I don't trust people.
  44. I would much rather have a dog than a cat.
  45. I work to become IDEAL in my OWN EYES.
  46. I check out girls, and I don't feel like that makes me lesbian.
  47. I don't talk negatively about people unless they have done something to offend me personally.
  48. I am always aware of my surroundings and notice things that most people don't.
  49. I'm not very picky, but very picky.
  50. I only complain to one person.


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