Back to School

Its Monday, and we are back to school. I am kinda happy to go back to school, surprisingly not as stressed as i should be. Although i do need to pull up my grades and all that, i am pretty satisfied with where i stand right now, except in accounting. We still have like 4 tests though in that class so i am kinda hoping to be some how miraculously saved. My mom got me another ring, i was suppose to put it on today, but seeing how I'm on my period, and we aren't suppose to touch god, god only i guess knows why, when we are on our period. Honestly i don't like to depreciate my human worth to god just because i am female and bleeding from my snatch, but i guess some things cant be reasoned. I think its just stupid, how are you gonna tell me i cant pray because i am ovulating. whatever ima leave it alone, it probably has some sort of crazy cosmic story about it and I am clearly just to ignorant to understand that my period makes me too "dirty" to be presented in front of god. Its been raining for what seems to be the whole week now, seriously i know the whole saying showers bring flowers, but seriously its not APRIL, nor is it warm so... I have tests one after another this week, which should go okay as long as i get study time in. Ive been keeping up with my work outs as well, and i am finally about to order the P90X. Ill take before and after pictures i think, but i don't know if anyone really cares. Seriously though in 90 days if i look bomb as hell and feel like a million dollars ima recommend it to everyone i know. People say i can always make a sale, i believe it too. When i started Clinique, i pretty much got everyone i knew to start it too. I guess its that year i spent at Hechts selling handbags, it got to my head and now i use it in every day life. Well me and Zain are about to go meet his co-worker at buffalo wild wings, not like i can eat anything there. Which reminds me! CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!! i have been a veggie-tarian since new years!

Okay so i have this friend right, and seriously i guess he will be pissed if he even bothers reading this, but he prolly doesn't so I'm not worried. Back to the story. I have this friend right, he is Indian, and we have all our classes together. Which i pretty much made happen because i figured since i hate school and never go to class having someone i know in all my classes will make me go more often so i don't look bad. Anyways, if you don't know, I'm not very impressed with Indian girls at VCU. Well i don't really like girls period. I never really made "girl-friends" because it was just too complicated. So anyways i was having this conversation with my friend from class about Indian chicks, and how i honestly believe that they don't take care of themselves and that's why they look a mess. Of course not all but most, and that's why they look like raccoons with make up all over the place. Eye make up remover, buy some! Anyways I'm not a hater, i just wish people would take care of them selves more. I don't understand people who can just let themselves go. Honestly i cry for hours if i look like i have gained a little bit of weight and get cracking right away after the initial shock. So anyways i was expressing my opinions to him. And supposedly over spring break he got hooked up with this one Indian chick. So he comes back to school and is all complaining (which sounded much like my opinions of Indian chicks regurgitated back at me), which in turn i knew was just his was of expressing the exact opposite of the way he really felt. Low and behold i see them together today when i am walking back from art history, that he missed and asked me to sign him in... It was actually pretty funny because here i am walking up to those two, seriously SMIRKING to myself, because of all these things he says, but i know actions speak so much louder than words. He even goes as far as telling her how i came and sat next to him in our first math class together and asked him if he had understood the homework, and that our "relationship" had been smooth ever since then. The chick honestly looked super confused and i kinda felt sorry for her. But then again if i was her i would feel intimidated by me too. I mean come on here comes a Indian chick piercings, tattoos, make up fair skin, tall, pretty much bigger than her, i would be a little taken back too, something he obviously didn't pick up on. Her look made the whole thing kind of awkward on my side but i left it alone. Even though i know i have known him for a while i guess I'm a pretty hard nut to crack. I just don't get that friendly that quickly with people I don't embarrass him, damn it i am too nice. Maybe i just don't care, but its always so interesting to study people like him. I sound so weird. i guess that's just me i love observing people like that. But one thing i was wrong about, in her pictures she didn't look all that attractive but seeing her face to face, she is pretty cute, i guess. If she likes him, then i guess i would say I'm pretty impressed by him... really get. I just think back to the whole thing and i realize how many times i could have put him in his place, but it really doesn't affect me, nor is it my place to comment to someone i don't know about his personal matters, i guess its just too trivial to me to even compose an honest opinion.
Something that really ticked me off today was this other Indian guy in my art history class. Honestly i was just sitting in class during our five minute break doodling away minding my own business, and here comes Mr.Macho man asking me "oh _________ didn't come to class today!?" and i look up and am like oh your talking to me, "ummm no i guess _________ didn't come to class today, _________ had a meeting to go to. So he is all like oh well i am about to leave you think you can sign me in on the attendance? So I'm like thinking to myself... and he writes his name on my book or whatever and is like i got you next time. So i think to myself Seriously i didn't really care till he said i got you next time, I'm not that stupid to fall for formalities, cut the shit and be straight up if your gonna use people you don't know. I was just happy that the role was never passed around and i didn't have the burden to sign someones name i didn't even know, and at that someone who threw stupid lines at me to get me to buy his bull shit.

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  1. jajajajajjaaaaaaaaaaaa
    indian dudes. The weirdest thing
    is i have never met indian boys outside of your guyses families and mundir. Yet whenever im with all of you guys we see so many. Maybe i just notice it when im with you guys because all of you be like "omg ,omg why they staring, omg look at these indian people" while trying to hide LMAO and i stand still like "i promiss im not about to rob them" *hands in te air* hahahaha but yea as soon as i meet a spanish kid in my class they be thinking we are best buds and i can do stuff like that for them. Its like BxxxH im not even FLUENT! hahahaa I hope your P90x works maybe i should go ahead and do it too.