Long Drive Home

Its Wednesday and I am finally actually going home for spring break. I definitely too my time heading out today. I woke up at Zains house, we spent all morning working out. We where pretty tired because we ended up watching an Anime movie last night called Princess Monenoke. It was a really good movie, Zain liked it a lot and that made me happy too. After eating we ended up taking turns on the bench lifting weights. I also did some sit ups and floor exercises. It was kind of fun working out together, i really want to be in good shape for myself, and for Zain. I want to be really confident. People have told me that they always think i am confident, but in fact, i really am insecure. I am always conscious of the way i look, weight wise. I know that i am not ugly or anything so I'm not concerned with my make up being perfect of anything like that but yeah. I also called Phillips to get my car serviced. I have a lot of shit to get fixed. My sunroof isn't opening and my CD player is stuck. On top of those i have to get a service B done, which is like $400. I hope that the car just gets fixed right this time. I really don't want to go home but i guess i don't really HAVE A CHOICE. I just hope i get my car back so that i can go out and hang out with friends and stuff instead of being stuck in the house.

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