Today has been a pretty long unproductive day. I had a couple classes this morning, 8 o' clocks are always the hardest to wake up for, but i got up and going. When i got outside everything was still super icy, and low and behold clumsy me i feel right on my tush. And the rudest of all men was behind me laughing, what an ass hole. Whatever. So then i went to class after struggling to keep my balance walking to class. Holland, our accounting professor, made absolutely no sense this morning. He kept plucking number out of the air and fixing them into his lecture, the class is really beginning to be bother some. I am really afraid i might not succeed getting deans list because of accounting. Bummer, after accounting Zain came to meet me to eat breakfast since i was all upset and worked up in the morning. The food was really good. After that everyone left me and went to shafer, so i just sat in business building drawing cup cakes. Which reminds me who ever has the book needs too pass it asap, so that i can get it back and take pictures of some of the art in it. After class i came back home and Zain scared the crap out of me, he usually isnt home, but he was sitting very quietly on the bed apon my return. I was extreemly starteled. I got 2 cards today, a bit late but better then never. That made me happy, just to know that someone out there cares enough to send some mail. After that Zain left to go to class so i was pretty much left to be bored all day, and on top of that my car is still at Zains, trapped under a heap of snow. I decided i was so bored and hungry that i made pizza. I had the pilsbury dough, for the crust and then i just put some sauce, cheese, and corn. Stuck it in the oven. Twenty minutes later i had me a really good pizza. After eating i decided to take a shower, just for the hell of it. After that i pretty much just on the computer reading manga, i got up every 30 minutes or so though to try to stay active. I did stop for an hour or so to do a little working out although i didnt feel motivated. Then i just kept reading manga. I am actually currently reading Hana-Kimi. Hana-Kimi is a story about his girl who goes to japan to meet her biggest idol. But since he goes to an all boys school, she ends up having to disguise her self as a boy. Her idol though, a smart, dashing guy figures out that she is a girl her first day at school. They get really close and start falling in love but she still doesnt know that he knows that she is really a girl. The story is really cute so far. I am only about half way through reading it. I cant wait to finish it. I have an econ test tomorrow. I am planing on studding in the morning, i hope that gives me enough review to do well on this exam. Seriously though, its only 2 days before spring break so i really dont care. Ill start saving my ass from failing when i get back from break. Im really going to have to bust my butt. As far as taking pictures, today was not a very inspiring, artsy day for me. I did however take some pictures of Khamakazi. I took her out for a while and played with her, tried to take pictures. She seemed scared, i guess i should try to take her out and handel her more. I also need to get her food, and the fish needs water too. Its kind of a pain having to go get bottled water just for the fish. I would honestly just use the filtered water from the brita jug, but im scared that it wont be clean enough. I guess i should play safe. I dont want any accidents, i love my fish too much to take any chances. The exciting thing that i am looking forward to tomorrow is that Zain is getting off early. Which in turn means that we are going to have a date night. I really hope we have a lot of fun tomorrow, and i also get a chance to take some awesome pictures while we are out. Maybe we will even go to see a movie. I dont even know what movies are out, but last time i went with Mina-lo on a thursday it was LOTS of fun. Well i am off good night world, spread the love!


  1. did you crank the contrast?
    or is he really that dark,
    wither way your pics are BOSSSSSSSs.
    Thanks for all the blog luvin :)

  2. Khamakazi is more on the orange side, although she does have some red on the lower ends of her body, i did tweak the picture a little bit but honestly not that much. The two pictures on the left are taken as is, the one on the right is the one i tweaked a wee bit.