This week

This week has actually been a really good week. Ive been pretty happy and on top of things, i thought i was about to take a turn to the worst in the beginning but i ended up finishing up really strong. Need less to say, its only Wednesday but i haven't failed to attend any of my classes thus far, and i am actually really organized with my notes, and caught up with my homework.

Life recently has been only about studying, i am glad that i had a mini vacation to O.C.

I got a parking ticket last week that i still need to pay off. Zain continues to finish his applications and paper work, poor boy is working hard, but his hard work is making me more focused too.

Lets see, i cant say i really miss anyone these days, I've been rather selfish these past few days. and i cant seem to take my mind off of right here and right now. My friends annoy me to a point that i don't even know if i have "friends" I have a friend, and right now that's really good enough.

Things that are time consuming are usually not worth the time that you invest in them, the people closest to me have taught me that disappointment is always under the door mat even if you think it says "welcome home"

I'm really content, happy almost, breathing easy... easy like my fingers hitting the keys on this keyboard... life is easy, as easy as you make it. I would hate to say it, but my father is right the importance of family almost does out weigh school. My father and his out of this world philosophies are proving to be coming true in my vision, i should beware.

I miss my nephew, even though there isn't much to miss yet because he seems to be in a cycle of eating pooping and sleeping, i hate that i am missing moments that count. I hope that we get along, and he loves me like i love him. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all speak to each other honestly and openly, it would clear up so many misunderstandings. I've been aiming to do just that. Open mind, open mouth... I dont want people to misunderstand me anymore, so i am just going to speak my mind, say things as they are.

I am really too nice of a person, and I really dont know when i became that way. Perhaps its my unconcious desire to be accepted by everyone. I really dont think i do it intentionally. I feel like if there where more nice self-less people then life would be so much less stressful. I mean there have been so many times when i needed help and no one was willing to reach out. I know how that feels, so why would i want someone else to feel like that. I dont know, i know when people email me, hey i missed class, i reply back lol. I hope that they appreciate it.

Anyways, Mauhz!

Ps> there are two types of people in the world, those that are easily understood, and those that can never be understood because people are to closed minded to acknowledge that they are different then the majority. I wonder what makes society craze uniformity. Or is it the opposite but somewhere along the way we stop being true to ourselves? I really really wonder. How do elder people feel unrelatable to younger people? Wherent they at one time young too? I really dont get it. I really really dont. I thought we where all so similar, but we arent at all.

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