its morning

It is the morning, and i keep telling myself "I need to get a hold on my life." Seriously, i have no sense of direction or planning or anything. I keep falling into these loop holes, and its driving me insane. I dont really know what to do to stop being an emotional wreck and having these rollercoaster days but its really wearing me out. Sometimes i feel like having friends would solve my problem but i dont even think thats the case because adding more people into your life just makes more room for dissapointment. I feel really distant lately, i feel scared or something but im kind of unsure what i am affraid of. I really need to go pick up my bday presents so i can start structuring my days with the planner that poots got for me, damn you... who goes to the mundir early... (-_-) and even so, i was deff making the effort, i feel sad that you didnt meet me half way oh well. I plan to go see my sister on sunday for a day trip with zain. It will be Zains first time meeting baby aden, expect pictures lol. I really need to start developing these pictures and things, i can sense my computer taking its last breath any day now. If i lost all my work i think they would have to put me into a mental ward... its someting that i could never ever get over. i guess i should get packed up now and get ready to husstle at school. Be back at 11, i have lots of work to do today.

Oh did i tell you, im about to destroy my house, not literally but CLEAN OUT EVERYTHING throw out everything unnessesary and get a desk and dresser. Yeah thats my plan, actually i might steal the little table and chair that is sitting at my parents house right now, since they are never going to use it and its sitting in my old room collecting dust. I also plan to move a lot of my stuff back to my parents house, im just going to box eveything up nicely and put it away in the attic. I really need to de-cutter the place and its the only way i can have my piece of mind in that place. I plan on getting internet there too come next month, to do well this semester i aim to take drastic measures so i can be more serious about life like my partner in crime is. :) i hope that i can make you proud of me too like i am of you (jelous) haha jk, well my computer is weezing and running out of juice, 2 min till 8:30 i gotta head out to class, PEACE!

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