snow snow snow

No school today :) its snowing again... (-_-)

Seriously, I'm glad that i don't have to drive 35 min down to VCU to sit in a 50 min class, but then again, i hate the fact that its impossible to drive my car in the snow. Rear wheel drive is seriously not made for inclement weather, now if you wanna take off at a red light and feed everyone else a lot of dust then yep my cars AWESOME. Even though we dont have school today i am really hopping that the weather clears up by tonight so that i can meet up with the folks for my group project. I kind of feel like im being treated unfairly, like im being bossed around, but maybe thats because i am the youngest and the only female. I always found it easy to relate to guys and less comfortable working with females, so maybe thats why im taken back by the way i think i am being treated. Oh well, zain said that i should just say how i feel when i meet up with them, and then i guess i could just shut up and write whatever they want me to write... since all the work was technically landed in my hands. I think its pretty halarious that the two people that he (our group executive - NOT LEADER OR BOSS) has chosen to be his message distributers havent even touched the google doc that i have posted, nor have the replyed to any emails. One says that his internet is down, and i guess i wanted to call him out and say that there is a lab at school and internet 24-7 available, but hell whatever. And the other says that he hasnt gotten any of the emails, which i kinda feel like is bullshit too. It seems to me that all the darker skinned people in our group have no say so at all in the direction that our group is going but hell, that is about to change tonight when i see them. I really dont like being told what to do and then not asked my opinion.

OHHHH YEAHHHH, did i tell you guys that Zain got me Katamari on PS2 the original for my bday. HAHA i have been rolling katamaris all day jk. No but really i love making katamari and getting big enough to roll up people. Who wouldnt wanna make a star out of a whole bunch of junk laying around?

I really hope that the weather holds up for pootska on the weekend so that she can have a safe trip home, and she doesnt miss any classes. I am suppose to see her on friday, i hope that is possible. Seeing the snow blowing all over the place it seems pretty distant.


  1. I hope you can make it out :(

  2. i love our snow days togeather.. we will catch that snow squrill and take its picture