stood up

This weekend is something i am looking forward to. Yesterday i got to see prooottttsssskkkaaaa!! :)

I guess since all else failed, lol just kidding, im going to NC to see my sister. Honestly i cant really sit here and decode peoples riddles so, im just gonna do what i wanna do. I am so pumped to see baby aden and spend more time with prune and mom and dee and george. I kinda dont believe that the weather is going to be nearly as bad as people say, but i guess only the skys know. The weathers been pretty bad, and the parking here at VCU still is impossible. Youd think that they would have cleaned that up by now. I had a pretty decent day today, getting my self together and deciding what i need to do with the immediate future. I really just want to keep things simple, so i am just going to do everything on my own with out the help of others. I cant really complain about anything because ive only gotten what i have put in so i think i can settle to say we are even. I was looking at the p90x nutrition plan today, since i started eating meat again, i can definitely do it, if i just pre cook on sunday nights and have everything ready to go for the week. So i think my plan is to implement a good diet to what i am already doing and i am bound for success. I love how i have to remind my self daily of the things that id like to accomplish. Oh well i would rather just hop on a plane to somewhere secluded and forget EVERYTHING but i mean i guess i have to be realistic.

I think that ive found a new good friend. And she lives here in Richmond, soo that is kinda exciting for me. Abby talked to me on FB again today, and i like that she is keeping in touch. I think that me and her have a lot in common so its really easy for us to just click. I really hope her complications with Steve don't make mine and her relationship complicated as well. I really just wanna be friends.

I have to do a group thing again today for my 5:30 class, joy... I really still dont understand what we are doing for it, but then again i really dont know what we are going to be tested on in that class either. As far as im concerned im sure im not the only person completely clueless.

Okay so i guess im over and out :)

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