im probably an emotional train wreck today, ive been nervous over nothing all day. I cant seem to figure out what my problem is, but i really need to get it together i think. I had Classes today, oh yeah, it snowed all weekend, hence my MIA-ness. Me and Zain finished playing God of War I and II. I guess now we have nothing to day haha, I really want Katamari, and mini ninjas lol. They totally kick butt and i want em. My bday is coming up... and i dont really know what i want to do, let alone, im not even sure if i want to see anyone. I think i am going hermit again i dont know, i want to escape my situation but i dont even know what my situation is.
Today in class, I guess we had to come up with this orginization, fundraiser volunteeing thing, we came up with collecting cans, and mind you i think it was a half assed choice. Whatever though, i honestly wanted to be that one person when they asked is anyone against it to be like YAY! haha they would have totally hated me for that right!? I almost ended up in a group with all females, and i guess i wanted to make it through the semester with out wanting to shoot myself to i opted out really quickly of the marketing group... I might be good at making art, but i would say im well rounded enough to challenge my self just a little bit. I miss home, and i dont wanna regret not seeing my dad before he goes to india so i am making a day trip home.

I also drew a picture today, and im pretty impressed even though it looks gay haha. I honestly want to get really good at everything that i am already kinda good at, so i am gonna make a revalation. I totally missed my japanese class work this, well last week :/ the snow totally messed me up... gome-na-sai!!

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