Happy Bday to Moi

So far ive been having a pretty good day. i cant say that i didnt cry today because i did haha. Actually reading the card that my mom sent me this morning made me really miss my parents and that made me a little emotional i wont lie. I started my bday off right though by talking to my mom before anyone else, and then talking to my other mom Michelle auny lol. I didnt have a huge bday wish turn out on fb or text message like i usually do, but thats okay, the people that count deff sent me lots of wishes and love. I have a really long day at school today and that kinda sucks but i think either way im happy with the way the day has turned out. Honestly i couldnt ask for a better bday, other than seeing my mom and dad today haha. Its okay though i plan to see my mom on friday anyways.

Today in my Communications class we are suppose to give a "presentation" and she is going to tape us. Odd, i don't think i feel nervous, and i probably would nail it if i had some drinks in me haha. Just kidding but really.

My eyeballs where freaking out this morning, and they where allergic to the sun this morning. I was tearing up a storm. I also had my first test of the semester this morning. Im confident i pulled a pretty decent grade. I cant say one way or another yet since i dont wanna jinx myself but yeah yeah :)

I'm really happy with all of the gifts i got this bday, zain is really starting to spoil me haha, and i couldn't ask for anything sweeter. I think he really is the love of my life... he takes such good care of me. I would be retarded not to love him for a lifetime and even more, hes like poison i tell you... He doesn't do much, but some of the smallest gestures that he makes are enough to last me a life time of smiles.

Ive come to realize that underneath it all i really am just a simple person. Although emotionally i go through so many ups and downs, at the end of the day i dont really have that many insecurities except those that my parents have made me feel. Insecurities like, not being ever excepted by them, or not ever doing anything good enough in life. I feel like sometimes they hold me back from the life that i know tht i can make for myself if i just had the support from them. Seriously though, other then that i really don't have insecurities in my relationship, like i don't care if Zain goes out and has a good time or what not. Im not scared that another girl would replace me or that he might find someone better because in my mind i think we are perfect. In a way i know we have many differences, but all the forces around me will always lead me to one answer and that answer will always be zain, and ill slowly learn and prove to all my doubts that zain is the one. Im happy

My OC teacher told me that people have facebook to stay in contact with the people that we dont wish to keep in personal contact with, and i totally disagree. I mean i dont know i dont usually add strangers to my facebook, nor do i reach out to them, i mean eventually if they are just sitting there ill go through and delete people that i never talk to. I only talk to a handful of CLOSE people on facebook and i use it to check up on the people i love so... i think i disagree but maybe thats because i am just that simple.


  1. i hope you had a very good birthday and i hope you liked my presents!! always lead to shaikhum!!!! i take you traveling =o)